Paul Taylor vs. Chris Lytle

October 19, 2008

Round 1
Right off the bell both men come out firing and Taylor scores first but Lytle answers, landing two heavy bombs. They work their way into the clinch and exchange body shots and knee strikes, with Lytle appearing to gain the slight advantage.

Round 2
Both men again come out swinging wildly and connect on a few damaging shots. Taylor tags Lytle with a hard right, but Lytle recovers and scores a takedown. Lytle tried to bait him into a guillotine but Taylor isn't biting and he makes his way back to the feet. They lock up again and go to work on each other's body, showing off their penchant for dirty boxing. Taylor then ducks and scores a takedown of his own but Lytle recovers quickly. Both fighters look to be running out of gas and Lytle takes a low blow directly to the jewels. Time is called, but little rest is granted as the fight restarts quickly. They reengage in the clinch and Lytle goes in for another takedown but is stuffed by Taylor and the bell rings.

Round 3
Lytle looks to have regained some energy over the break and forces a fast pace at the opening bell but he might not have enough steam to keep it up. Lytle pours down heavy fire on Taylor as he becomes increasingly desperate then goes back into the clinch. Lytle scores another takedown, but Taylor shows excellent balance and again is able to escape trouble with a little hip toss. Taylor glances at the clock at about the :20 mark and knows he needs to make something happen quickly. He showers Lytle with everything he has and does some damage, but Lytle is able to hold on until the bell.

The bout would go to the judges and they returned a unanimous decision in favor of Lytle.

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