Losing the Belts and Traveling

by spike.com   January 27, 2011 at 11:00AM  |  Views: 821

This week, the former Tag Team Champions take on their loss to Beer Money and the problem with "germ capsules."

Chris Sabin

The first pay-per-view of 2011 has come and gone, and along with it the first reign of the Motor City Machine Guns as tag team champions of the world.

Alex and I fought hard and as always, gave it everything we had.

But Beer Money - James Storm and Robert Roode - were the better team that night.

Or were they?

Now that I think a little more about Genesis, I distinctly remember the tactics Beer Money had to resort to in order to legally steal OUR tag team championship belts.

Beer being spit into my eyes? Okay, something a drunk redneck may do. It's somewhat expected. But that wasn't enough to secure the win for Beer Money.

I also remember having them beat us with our Skull and Bones tag team combination. As Billy Dee Williams would say in a Colt 45 advertisement, "It works every time"... unless as the eminent count number three was on the way the referee gets pulled out of the ring.

Not even Beer Money's tag team finishing move, the DWI, was enough.

But capitalizing on a rare miscommunication by The Motor City Machine Guns was enough. In an accidental mishap, Alex ate my boot hard and that was the opportunity Beer Money needed to win. They did not defeat us, we defeated ourselves.

Beer Money, enjoy those belts while you can. The last chapter in the story of The Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money has not been written.