Bring On the Action!

May 27, 2010

This week the Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) catch us up on their in ring status in the TNA Tag Team division and their love of disc golf.

Chris Sabin

Ladies and Germs, I present to you, your new number one contenders to the TNA tag team championship belts: The Motor City Machine Guns!

Yes, after a hard fought battle, after being beat up, spit on, chopped, and thrown around, Alex and myself over came the odds and fought our way using speed, athleticism, and wit to defeat the tools that are Beer Money, and also the much larger tools that are Team 3D at Sacrifice two Sundays ago. The MCMGs are next in line, and it's time. The both of us have worked very hard to create the position that we are in, and inside I know we deserve it. But the battle has just begun.

This is a position that we have been in several times before, as number one contenders. And winning the TNA tag team championship belts have slipped through our fingers every single time. We have fought hard and valiantly in the past, gotten to the very edge, one step needed to cross into that land, one count away from achieving the coveted tag team gold, the very last step to proving what we know with our every breath - that we are the very best tag team in the world - and when it comes to tag team wrestling, no one can touch us, not Team 3D, not Beer Money, and not the two men who currently are in possession of the tag team gold, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Hall and Nash are the best, and they need no profiling from me. They are two legends that have done everything and drew a lot of money along the way. Not only are they two of the men I respect most in the Pro Wrestling business, but they are also two of the smartest. This is not only a chance to prove that Alex and myself are the best tag team today, but this is most importantly a chance to learn from the best.

Learning is knowledge, and knowledge is power. But knowledge without action is powerless.


Alex Shelley

Disc golf is kickass, man. Here's why:

-It's outdoors

-It's cheap

-Great exercise

-You meet people

-It's a killer time to drink

-Finding discs is exciting

-It's fun

I started playing about a year ago. My childhood friend Marc took me. Marc is responsible for introducing me to tons of stuff: aggressive in-line skating, first person shooters, cutting my own hair, online college courses, and probably more I can't think of. So last May, when he suggested we go play disc golf at the course by my house, I figured I'd give it a shot. I've played any chance I can get these days.

I played earlier today, and we've got to go on the road for awhile, but after it's all said and done, I've got a couple weeks off. I absolutely can't wait to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Michigan gets a bad rap because we have crummy winters, which we do, but it only lasts all of a couple months. The rest of the seasons come in full effect, which, considering the other three seasons, is absolutely beautiful if you appreciate things like that.

Next time you're bored, go online, find a disc golf course near you, go to a local sporting goods store and buy a disc (NOT a frisbee), find some friends, and go nuts. It'll cost you maybe ten dollars and a couple hours, but you may fall in love. I did. I'm a lover, not a fighter or something.