Tour Wrap Up

April 14, 2010

"Well, we wrapped up our first extended tour, fronting for Bob Schneider. Yeah!! . . . but its just a beginning. And we completed it without major incident. Sure the frig broke, the bus couldn’t get parking alongside the venue a few times, the band huffed it with gear down city blocks in Milwaukee, Boston and New York, but . . . we had sesame crusted pizza in NYC after our last gig at the Bowery. . . .we had a well deserved picnic at Steve’s house and a company table at Birchmere sponsored by Steve’s Dad . . . and we suffered no real war wounds to speak of. Our agent at Supreme even fielded follow up inquiries from a complimentary Birchmere. The band got rave reviews from the crowds enthralled by the big pulsating sound of a B-3 and backing vocals by Vicki, Robert and Bryan. And Brian Fullen and bassist Mario Sangermano did a phenomenal job after only two rehearsals. Thanks to everyone that came and shared their comments, we ended on a good note. Hope to announce the next one soon.”