Sony Announces the PS4, Launch Titles for Holiday 2013

February 21, 2013

Sony announced the Playstation 4 last night at its much-ballyhooed press event in New York City along with a handful of titles that will be available at or near launch.

They did not, however, show us the actual machine.No official release date was announced other than "Holiday 2013."

The focus for the PS4 seems to be on upping the specs to provide a more powerful iteration of their pre-existing offerings. The console will run on an x86 processor with an 8-core combined AMD Jaguar CPU. Memory has been upped drastically to 8 GB of GDDR5 and the unit will have a built-in hard drive, though storage capacity was not specified. Graphics will run on a 1.84 teraflops AMD Radeon engine.

As for the user interface, what was shown seems to put more of a focus on social media and video. Real names appeared in the mock display shown at the press event, suggesting a login with Facebook integration. Sony also pushed the idea that gamers' playing habits would lead to suggestions of what other games to purchase or download.Speaking of games, developers were also on hand as well to announce launch titles. They include Killzone: Shadow Fall, Destiny, Diablo III, Watch Dogs, Driveclub, Infamous: Second Son, The Witness, and an all-new installment of the Final Fantasy franchise. There was some consternation when it was revealed that PS3 games would not be playable on the PS4 right out of the box, though Sony later clarified that games going as far back as the original Playstation will be available via a streaming cloud service. The rollout for that, though, will be gradual and may not be fully realized at launch.

The game's controller has added a touchpad in the center, a "share" button, and a separate motion tracker light bar that'll function similar to the Playstation Move. A headphone/headset jack will also be built into the controller itself, rather than connecting through the USB on the console itself, a welcome and long overdue change.The PS4's camera will be a drastic improvement over its predecessor. The console will have two 1280 x 800 3D cameras possessing an 85-degree field of view, 4 channel mic array, and a minimum 30cm of focusing distance.

The console will also have standard features like a 6x Blu-Ray/8x DVD drive, 1 GB Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n/ WiFi, HDMI, an analog AV-out, optical S/PDIF audio output, USB 3.0 and auxiliary ports, and Bluetooth 2.1.

GTTV was on hand before and after the event and has a ton of video that includes a closer look at the new controller, footage from the event, game demos, and a lot more. Check it out at

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Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Gameplay Demo

Source: EMMANUEL DUNAND/Staff/AF/Getty Image