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Cutting It Right Down The Middle

by AaronAhmadi   November 18, 2011 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 16,546
There's no place like home…and when it comes to the Auction Hunters, this means that they're back in the City of Angels ready for action once again. Los Angeles is known for its Hollywood glitz and glamour, but Ton and Allen also found out about some high-end storage units ripe for picking! Can you say "money"? Let's take a peek at how our heroes did this week:


Being on home turf has its advantages, and when you're going after state-of-the-art storage units (a.k.a goldmines) it's even sweeter. Of course being back in Los Angeles has its fair share of disadvantages too, you get the locals who know you better than anyone. Ton and Allen spotted "ZZ" and "T-Rex" of course – two competitors who are notorious bidders. These two guys know how to make money fast too, and know Ton and Allen's every move, so the Auction Hunters had to be on their toes this time. As the first unit is unveiled Ton and Allen spot a few bikes, a wooden bear, what looks like a bullhorn, and gas cans everywhere - time to go to work on this unit! The boys waste no time and go head-to-head with T-Rex, winning the storage unit for $325. Looks like T-Rex didn't stomp all over our heroes this time around. After shaking their heads at a few units, here comes the "Company Unit" up next, filled with a mountain of boxes. Allen knows that this being a high-end auction means there's gotta be treasure in those cardboard containers: furniture, maybe office technology, so they dove into this bidding war blindly with high hopes. Ton and Allen weren't the only ones interested in this unit however, and it seemed like almost every local was in on it, throwing massive bids away, trying to shut out competition. Eventually it's just Ton vs. T-Rex and ZZ, but he snags the unit finally for $900.


Sold For: $8,000

What could be more enticing than a "Company Unit"? It's gotta be chock full of goodies, so Allen and Ton start a big excavation, looking for nothing but gold. Each item found in a storage unit always gives you clues as to who the unit belonged to, and this time was no different: Ton finds bottles of tattoo ink, and what looks like an instrument case – no wait, it's a tattoo kit case! So it looked like a tattoo shop owned his storage unit, what luck. This kit had it all: needles, ink, power supply, tattoo machines, and Ton's eyes light up as he realizes this was indeed a tattoo shop's storage unit. But wait, there's more: a custom tattoo machine with Bob Shaw's name on it. A tattoo machine with the name of perhaps one of the greatest tattoo artists ever = mega cash. Well, there was no time to waste, so the boys go to meet up with Rick Walters, a collector of tattoo memorabilia and a tattoo icon himself. Rick and the boys start negotiating, and after dodging a lowball offer from Rick, Ton and Allen take $8,000 for the tattoo collectibles, plus Ton gets to get tattoo'd by Rick himself using the Bob Shaw tattoo machine. Talk about tattoo heaven.


Sold For: $4,000

Our heroes did spot a wooden bear in this second unit, but what else would you guess this vault of treasures could hold? Yes, competition chainsaws! These hardcore pieces of machinery usually go for a lot of money and so the boys knew they had some pricy hardware on their hands. When Ton and Allen meet up with George, a competitive lumberjack and chainsaw collector, he says it all depends on whether or not these badboys work. If the chainsaws work, you got some cash on your hands, if not, they'll make nice boat anchors. A couple of tugs later, Allen yells "It's alive!" with joy as Ton starts cutting through a 40-year old tree trunk like it was butter. George offers$4,000 for the chainsaws and the boys walk off with smiles on their faces.

The city of Angels sure treated the Auction Hunters well this week: they threw down $1,225 on the two storage units, sold everything for a whopping $13,415, and net a cool profit of $12,190. Ah yes, it's good to be home!

Did you see Allen carving that wooden bear a new smile?Go to Spike.com for this week's episode "Auction Hunters, Inc." now available online. Don't forget to stay tuned to the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. Don't forget, new episodes featuring your favorite auction hunting hosts air Tuesdays at 10/9c.