Top Shelf Tuesday - Conan the Barbarian

July 31, 2011
Tuesday's almost here, and you know what that means. It's time to hit the stores (or and pick up some new releases. With our handy Top Shelf Tuesday guide, you'll know exactly what's getting folks excited this week.


Source: Universal Pictures

In the lead-up to the upcoming reboot, the ingenious folks over at Universal have decided to release John Milius' 1982 opus Conan the Barbarian on Blu-ray. Yes! One of the greatest action-adventures of all time, Milius' version obviously stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the mighty Conan as he sets out on an epic adventure to find the sorcerer (James Earl Jones) who brutally murdered his parents and his people. In addition to an extended 136-minute cut of the film, special features will include Conan Unchained: The Making of Conan, deleted and alternate scenes and an exclusive first look at the upcoming Marcus Nispel version of Conan starring Jason Momoa. And if anyone even gives a crap, Conan the Destroyer is also now available on Blu-ray as well.


Source: Merge

Easily one of the best releases of 2010, a deluxe edition of Arcade Fire's Grammy-winning LP The Suburbs is now available for mass consumption. As you all should already know, The Suburbs is the third full-length LP by the extremely talented Canadian indie rockers Arcade Fire. Win Butler discussed the album in an interview with National Public Radio and said that the album was inspired by their upbringing in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. To coincide with the original album's one-year anniversary, the brand new deluxe CD/DVD edition features two brand new tracks recorded during The Suburbs album sessions ("Culture War" and "Speaking in Tongues" featuring David Byrne), an extended version of the album track "Wasted Hours", Spike Jonze's short film, Scenes From The Suburbs, and an 80-page booklet. Do this.