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Down Time With MCMGs

by MariShapiro   April 05, 2010 at 12:40PM  |  Views: 175

Alex Shelley

Last night, I saw one of the most amazing things I've been lucky enough to experience. 

When I graduated high school, I started going to a lot of wrestling shows. I trained for wrestling, I worked in the meat department at a local grocery chain, mostly power washing rotten meat out of the machines, taking stock, and cooking lobsters, and I listened to music. Only one of those has changed; honestly, I miss eating damaged Lunchables in the freezer with my friend Matt at 3 am, but I do not miss having to scrub rock hard, black hamburger off of saw blades in a wetsuit. 

Anyway, I used to go to a lot more shows before I started playing in The High Crusade. There were, and are, tons of awesome venues in Detroit. Yesterday, I went to a new one: Trumbullplex. Trumbull runs right through downtown Detroit and this venue was a converted garage that had collapsed and was later propped up with fresh wood, including a giant log. Half art gallery, half DIY concert venue. That's where I saw The Protomen.

I liked The Who a lot, but I hated Tommy. It soured me on rock operas. The Protomen sweetened me back up. They write songs about a world where Dr. Wily from the acclaimed Mega Man series had won the war, and Dr. Light is fighting back valiantly, first with Proto Man, and later, Mega Man. Imagine Mega Man mixed with The Crow and 1984 and you get an idea of how dark it is. Now add in indie rock, synth pop, a western movie, and 80's hair metal. Now dress them up like silver faced androids. Oh, and there's TEN of them on stage at once, and they can all play a variety of instruments. It's one of the most creative and best musical concepts/bands I've ever seen. 

I bought their t-shirt. I can't give them more props than that.

By the way, MCMG = new number one contenders. That's right, Broom. We swept Generation Me under the rug at the Destination X Pay-Per-View. The best part? Our rivalry with them brings out the best in us. We've got ammunition we haven't even loaded yet, and they...have...more followers on Twitter, I guess? Different colored tassles? Longer hair?

Man, they're awful athletic, and really good, but good night, they'd get eaten alive in Detroit.