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Down Time With MCMGs

by MariShapiro   April 05, 2010 at 12:40PM  |  Views: 176

This week the Motor City Machine Guns are relaxing in their homes in Detroit, Michigan and observing the spring solstice and the unique Detroit music scene.

Chris Sabin

Ahh, Spring. The time of new beginnings, cleaning, and the return of color and life (to Michigan at least).

I love Michigan. I grew up here and it will always be my home no matter where I end up. But let me tell you for anyone that doesn't experience it, winter sucks. There is no way around it, it just sucks! Michigan winter sucks. Snow covers everything, bad driving conditions, shoveling driveways, and cold, cold, cold. It's too damn cold to do anything! If it were realistic, and humans had the ability to, I would hibernate. Now don't get me wrong, this all sounds very pessimistic, but as with anything in life you control your mood and your thoughts, it's all in your head and it's up to you to stay positive. Even though it's difficult, there are good things about the winter season to focus on, such as: Beating multiple video games, sledding, X-mas, throwing snowballs, serving lemon snow cones, and, well my birthday is in February too. Always got to focus on the positives.

But the best thing about winter is when it's OVER.

Yes, finally that first warm day has come! After a long, brutal winter it's finally over. And I honestly believe I wouldn't appreciate spring/summer without the winter. That's what makes it all worth it. The snow is melted, the sky is blue, and it's finally time to get out of the house. Now don't get me wrong, as much as I would enjoy spending all day playing Dragon Age on my PC and searching for "People falling" on YouTube, it just doesn't compare to grilling dinner on the BBQ, playing disc golf, camping, and just being outdoors generally. It's a great feeling, almost inspiring. And I contribute it to the wide contrast from winter to spring. I wouldn't enjoy the spring as much if it was not for winter.