Deadliest Warrior Season 2/3 Ideas.

April 13, 2010

Hey you guys on Spike, I was watching a couple of Deadliest Warrior episodes, and I found them to be very interesting. I also heard that they are coming out
with season 2 and I am pretty sure that they already did most of their testing, but, I also had several several ideas that I wanted to recommend to the guys
on Deadliest Warrior, and yes, I did get quite a few from other's comments but several of them are mine too. Anyway I did not take the time to give them all
of their weapons so without further ado, here are all of the warriors that I would like to see.


KSK vs. JTF2

Trojan vs. Aztec

Assasin vs. Gangster

Hannibal Barca vs. Ghengis Khan

Sikh Warrior vs. Maya

Egyptian vs. Celt

Cherokee vs. Persian Immortal


Bloods vs. KKK

Goth Warrior vs. Muskateer

Hell's Angels vs. Columbian Cartel

Cowboy vs. Nazi

European Neanderthol vs. Aboriginee

Hawaiian Warrior vs. Saxon

British Redcoat vs. Carthaginian

Vietcong vs. Soviet Union Soldier

Sylvester Stalone vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jessie James vs. Billie the Kid

The Big Circle Boys vs. Crips

Camanche vs. Chinese Mafia

Amazon vs. Mongol

Royal Dutch Marines vs. Chinese Special Ops

Eskimo vs. Mujihadeen


Hun vs. Inca

Confedirate Soldier vs. Arabian Assasin

Chuck Liddel vs. Chuck Norris

Aryan vs. Arabian Knight

Barbarian vs. Crazy Horse

Mountain Man vs. Roman Infantryman

GSG-9 vs. SWAT

Lapu-Lapu vs. Spanish Conquisador

Brazillian Militia vs. Thaiwanese Army

King Arthur vs. Alexander the Great

Joan of Arc vs. Ivan the Terrible

Union Soldier vs. Black Panther

Wehrmacht vs. Imperial Japanese Army

Taiwan Thunder Squad vs. Japanese Special Assault Team

707th Special Mission Unit vs. Scotland Yard

Police vs. Polizei

Triad vs. Jamaican Drug Gang

U.S. Marine Force Recon vs. French Legionnaires

Robin Hood vs. Achilles

Hypaspist vs. Shang Dynasty Warrior

Father Christmas vs, Ziva David (NCIS)

Jaguar vs. Lanskentch

Napolean vs. Julius Ceaser

Saladin vs. George Washington

Gothic Huskarl vs. Charles Martel

Israeli Massad vs. Nazi S.S.

Freddy vs. Jason

Thor vs. Poseidon

Mike Tyson vs. Jackie Chan

Sido vs. Fler

MI6 vs. Texas Ranger

Ludwig von Beethoven vs. Vincent van Gough

Cleopatra vs. Abraham Lincon

Bill Clinton vs. George Bush

Nixon vs. Raegan

Werner von  Braun vs. Albert Einstein

Jet Li vs. Bruce Lee

Bounty Hunter vs. British Intelligence

North Korean special forces versus Iraqi special forces

Isreali commandos vs. British Commando

African Terrorists vs. Spy

Mongol vs. James Bond

Russian Mafia vs. Brazilian Militia

Jim Bowie vs. Bufallo Bob

Swiss Guard vs. Joan of Arc

Venetian Heavy Infantry vs. Portuguese Nobles

Robert E. Lee vs. Alaric the Visigoth

Adolf Hitler vs. Josef Stalin

Benito Mussolini vs. Charlie Chaplin

Franklin D. Roosevelt vs. Admiral Tojo

Afrika Korps vs. Terracotta

Atilla the Hun vs. Cyrus the Great

Lü Bu  vs. Templar Knight

Osama bin Laden vs. Sadam Hussein

FBI Agent vs. Coast Guard

Firefighter vs. LAPD

French GIGN vs. Russian Cossack

Patton vs. Eisenhower

American Revolutionary Minute Men vs. British Queen's Guard

Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinksi vs. Ivan Milat

Kubla Khan vs. British Dragoon

Great Depression Bank Robbers vs. WW1 Germans

Zombie vs. Vampire

1970s Thief/Robber vs. WW2 Japanese

Mexican Police vs. Canadian Police

Psychopath Serial Killer vs. Tribal Indonesian Warrior

Ethan Hunt vs. Maxwell Smart

Greaser vs. North Korean Soldier

Thai Warrior vs. Australian Cowboy

SWCU vs. Canadian Black Watch

Queen Boudica vs. Rajput

Germanic Barbarian vs. Janissary

Boers vs. Dead Rabbits

Hua Mulan vs. Charles "The Hammer" Martel

Hattori Hanzo vs. The Black Prince

Cult member vs. Satanist Extremist

Bully vs. Jock

Zapatistas vs. Tonton Macoute

Iroquois War Horseman vs. Roman Charioteer

MS-13 vs. Aryan Brotherhood

South Korean Special Police vs. Nazi S.S. Honor Guard

Boys of Destruction vs. Latin Kings

Chinese Imperial Palace Guard vs. Black Knight

WW2 British Infantry vs. WW2 Chinese Commando

Santa Claus vs. Easter Bunny

Lee Harvey Oswald vs.


Here are all of the previous matchups that were previously on Deadliest Warrior


Spetznaz vs. Green Baret
IRA vs. Taliban
Yakuza vs. Mafia
Viking vs. Samurai
Ninja vs. Spartan
Pirate vs. Knight
Gladiator vs. Apache
William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu
Shaolin Monk vs. Maori Warrior


I also had some ideas for the types of weapons that each warrior could carry.


Short Range Weapons
Mid Range Weapons
Long Range Weapons
Special Weapons
Explosive Weapons
Blunt Weapons
Body Armor
Mid-Long Range Weapons
Short-Mid Range Weapons



Submachine Gun
Assault Rifle
Sniper's Rifle
Body Armor
Heavy Machine Gun
Mid-Range Rifle

Also, I did make the time to give most of the WW|| era warriors and weapons, and here they are:

WW2 America

Pistol: Colt M1911 .45 Double-Action Autoloader
Shotgun: M1897 Trench Gun
Submachine Gun: M1A1 Thompson
Assault Rifle: M1918 BAR
Sniper's Rifle: Springfield 1903A4 30-06
Explosive: Mk. || Frag
Animal: Guard Pitbull
Special: Satchel Charge or Sticky Grenade
Body Armor: Flak Jacket
Blunt: Shovel
Heavy Machine Gun: Browning M1919 .30 Cal.
Mid-Range Rifle: M1A1 Carbine

WW2 Nazi Germany

Pistol: Walther P38
Shotgun: Double-Barrel Shotgun
Submachine Gun: MP-40
Assault Rifle: STG-44
Sniper's Rifle: PzB 39
Explosive: Stielhandgrenate
Animal: German Shephard
Special: Anti-Tank Landmine
Body Armor: Nazi Helmet
Blunt: Kar 98k Bayonnet
Heavy Machine Gun: MG-42
Mid-Range Rifle: Gewehr 43

WW2 Imperial Japan

Pistol: Nambu
Shotgun: M1897 Trench Gun [picked up off of Americans]
Submachine Gun: Type 100
Assault Rifle: MP-18
Sniper's Rifle: Type 97
Explosive: Kiska
Animal: Rottweiler (From Germany or Austria-Hungary)
Special: Bouncing Betty
Body Armor: Thin Leather/Metal Helmet
Blunt: Bamboo Rod
Heavy Machine Gun: Type 99
Mid-Range Rifle: Arisaka w/ Bayonnet

WW2 Soviet Union

Pistol: Tokarev TT-33 or Nagant 1893 Revolver
Shotgun: Double-Barrel Shotgun
Submachine Gun: PPSH-41 or PPSH-43
Assault Rifle: SKS Carbine
Sniper's Rifle: Mosin-Nagant M44
Explosive: Stick Grenade
Animal: Caucasian Sheepdog
Special: Molotov Cocktail
Body Armor: Thick Leather Suit and Hat
Blunt: Hatchet/Machete
Heavy Machine Gun: DP-28
Mid-Range Rifle: SVT-40

WW2 Britain

Pistol: Enfield Revolver
Shotgun: Over-Under Shotgun
Submachine gun: Sten
Assault Rifle: Owen Mk. |
Sniper's Rifle: Enfield Mk. |||
Explosive: M36 Mills Bomb
Animal: Irish Sheep Dog
Special: Knuckle Knife
Body Armor: Flak Jacket & Turtle Shell Helmet
Blunt: Enfield Bayonnet
Heavy Machine Gun: Bren
Mid Range Rifle: Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine


Please comment and let me know what you guys think of this. I also had a couple of more ideas -

One being that after they have all of the tests and warriors completed, they need to do like a tournament thing and boil it down to the final two to figure
out who is number one, but, they will have to do like two seperate ones between before firearms are made and after.

Another thing that I thought of was that they should mix up some of the previous warriors I.E. Spetznaz vs. I.R.A.

Also, for the tests that they comopse they need to do the same tests on the weapons

The last being that when they run the animation program, they need to have two different areas suited to the different warriors instead of just one.

Here are some of the weapons that I would want if I were a warrior (Not going to happen lol) past and present:

Short Range:Tactical Knife
Medium Range:Long Spear
Long Range:Long Bow
Special: Molotov Cocktail
Explosive: Round Bomb
Blunt: Morningstar
Body Armor: Knight's Armor
Mid-Long Range: Throwing Spear
Animal:  1/4 German Shephard/ 1/4 Rottweiler/ 1/2 Guard Pitbull or Horse or Rhino/Hippo/Elephant
Short-Mid Range: Short Sword

Pistol: Beretta M9
Shotgun:SAIGA 12 Gauge or M1014
Submachine Gun:F-2000 or UMP .45
Assault Rifle:Bushmaster ACR
Sniper's Rifle:Cheyenne Tactical M200 Intervention
Explosives:C-4 or Nail/Pipe Bomb
Animal:1/4 German Shephard 1/4 Rottweiler 1/2 Guard Pitbull
Special:Flash Bang or Molotov Cocktail
Body Armor:Full Body Dragonskin Kevlar Body Armor, Leg Armor, Arm Armor, Neck Armor, Tactical Gloves and Boots, Torso Armor, And Helmet, Tactical Bullet
Proof 5 Inch thick Goggles, 3 Inch Thick Dragonskin/Kevlar/Titanium Shamagh/Mask, Another 2 Layers Of Dragonskin, Flak Jacket, Blast Mask, Bullet-Proof and Coushined Knee and Elbow Pads, Full Fire-Proof Suit, Full-Proof Gas Mask, and 5 Inch thick Kevlar Sweater, Hat, Scarf, Gloves, Socks, Underwear, and Sweat Pants I know I couldn't
Blunt:E-Tool, Hatchet, Icepick, Ballistic Knife, Battle Hammer, or Morningstar
Heavy Machine Gun: M-249 SAW or Aug-HBar
Mid-Range Rifle: G36C

Anyway, feel free to comment and let me know what you think, even if these matchups don't get in, I hope some of the warriors do. Please at least consider it.