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Mantenna - Wednesday, November 19

by spike.com   November 19, 2008 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 317

Celebrities don black leather for some of the hottest dominatrix scenes ever filmed, why smoking marijuana just might be good for you, and an exclusive stream of the new Paul McCartney album in its entirety...all that and more after the jump in today's Mantenna!

Celebrity Dominatrix Scenes Are Sweet

Ladies who are into the dominatrix scene are a nice little change of pace, but there’s nothing like hot celebrity dominatrix chicks. It seems every hot actress has had to do at least one of these scenes, but some of them are better suited for this line of work than others. Like, say, Kristen Bell, Leelee Sobieski, Jennifer Garner and the like. Whip in hand, leather corset in place, boots ready to cause pain....mmm. So take a look at the top 10 hottest celebrity dominatrix scenes. But only watch these if you’ve been bad. [Manofest]

Writers Hired for Captain America

The Captain America movie in development at Marvel already has a director, Joe Johnston, who has October Sky and (the really awful franchise-killing) Jurassic Park III on his resume. Marvel now also has its writers lined up for the film: Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeeley, who wrote both the Chronicles of Narnia movies and You Kill Me. So far the lineup of talent for ol’ Captain America is feeling pretty hodge-podgy. In other news, Channing Tatum has expressed interest in the role of the Captain himself. However, it’s unlikely he’d accept, seeing as he just finished G.I. Joe and Captain America, according to him, is “almost identical.” So he officially has no street cred with any geeks anywhere. That, and his first name sounds like an Old English verb. Next. [FirstShowing.net]

Marijuana Improves Your Memory


Scientists at Ohio State University have given rats a similar compound to the active ingredient in marijuana (THC) and have been able to “reduce levels of inflammation associated with Alzheimer’s disease.” The doses they gave them were about the same as if a human took a single puff off a joint.  So, weed helps your memory if you only take one puff, and if you’re a rat, and if your weed is made of the same chemicals they used in the experiment.  Good enough for us! [Wired]

Photoshop Configurator Makes you a Genius

Adobe has just released “Configurator” which (basically) allows users to share tools, effects, and actions with each other online. So stand on the shoulders of geniuses! With a single click you can take those 10 hours of work it took to make Jessica Rabbit look real and condense them into a single second. Have you ever wondered how graphic design wizards create their unbelievable Photoshop effects?  Have you been paralyzed by the seeming complexity of the online tutorials for those effects?  Thankfully, you no longer have to worry about that. [Webmonkey]

Suge Knight May Be Going Back To Jail

The Clark County district attorney's office in Las Vegas is seeking charges against Marion "Suge" Knight in the alleged beating of his girlfriend in August. A criminal complaint being processed Tuesday in a Las Vegas Justice Court charges Knight with two counts of felony drug possession and one count of misdemeanor battery. Police say they arrested Knight after officers saw him beating a woman while brandishing a knife in a parking lot near the Las Vegas Strip. [AOL News]

NPR Steaming New Paul McCartney Album in its Entirety


Since their 1993 debut Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, the identity of The Fireman has always been mystery. This all changed recently when the duo was revealed as bassist/producer Youth and, to everyone's surprise, Beatles legend Paul McCartney. Their new LP Electric Arguments will be released on November 25th, but The Fireman decided to offer a free exclusive preview of the entire album as a stream on the NPR website. [NPR Music]

Congress Urges Detroit CEOs to "Jetpool"

New York Congressman Gary Ackerman feasts upon a buffet of "delicious irony" as he asks the CEOs from the Not-So-Big Three to perhaps save some cash and fuel by using a single jet together rather than individual private jets from Detroit to D.C. to beg for bailout dollars from the Feds. It's kind of difficult to show up looking like you're hard up for cash when you arrive like you're Led Zeppelin circa 1974. [CNN]

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