Tennis Star Dumped Over Video Games

December 4, 2009

Tiger Woods recently cheated on his wife with a parade of fame-seeking, pill-popping reality show rejects and still somehow managed to save his marriage. The fourth-ranked tennis player in the entire world, on the other hand, was recently kicked to the curb by his celebutant girlfriend for playing Modern Warfare 2.

The line of “how much crap will I put up with in order to be a professional athlete’s arm candy?” got a little blurrier this week, as Andy Murray learned that sending dirty texts to a restaurant hostess is better than being a faithful boyfriend who spends seven hours with his PlayStation 3 every day.

According to an unnamed source that sold out her friend to the tabloids, Murray’s girlfriend Kim Sears was fed up with his gaming, saying that "He would spend all his time glued to [video games]. In the end she just got fed up with it. She wanted more out of the relationship."

Apparently the $5 million mansion he bought them and monogamous lifestyle just weren't enough. It’s okay, though. There are probably hundreds of others of 22-year-old millionaire tennis players willing to support you.

Source: Photographer's Choice/Getty Images