Extreme Special Forces Units Battle (ESFUB)

December 5, 2010

Spetsnaz, Green Berets, GSG-9- We've all seen them on Deadliest Warrior and many have enjoyed them.But what about the less well-known Special Forces Units?India, China, Ireland, Australia, Pakistan, and many other countries are loaded with some of the world's greatest Special Forces.So what if they were to fight each other in an all out battle, to determine the deadliest special force on the planet?

Hello, and welcome to my newest series of match-ups: ESFUB.My first series, Back for Blood: Ancient Warriors (along with the redemption mini-series), will be finished sometime near Christmas.But every now and then, I'll be writing a match-up for ESFUB.

But enough about that.I must give credit to someone for inspiring me to write this: Ulfric.There will be 32 warriors in these match-ups, possibly 32 more later on.Here's the list for the warriors:

Initial Series:

1-Afghan National Army Special Forces

2-Australian Special Air Service Regiment

3-Einsatzkommando Cobra (Austria)

4-Special Warfare Diving and Salvage (Bangladesh)

5-Special Forces Group (Belgium)

6-BOPE (Brazil)

7-68th Special Forces Brigade (Bulgaria)

8-911 Para-Commando Battalion (Cambodia)

9-Joint Task Force 2 (Canada)

10-Chilean Marine Corps

11-Special Police Unit (People's Republic of China)

12-AFEUR (Colombia)

13-Special Operations Battalion (Croatia)

14-Pori Brigade (Finland)

15-GIGN (France)

16-KSK (Germany)

17-SDU (Honk Kong)

18-The Viking Squad (Iceland)

19-Irish Army Ranger Wing

20-Para Commandos (India)

21-Kopassus (Indonesia)

22-Duvdevan Unit (Israel)

23-9th Parachute Assault Regiment "Col Moschin" (Italy)

24-Special Forces Group (Japan)

25-707th Special Mission Battalion (South Korea)

26-Latvian Special Tasks Unit

27-Lebanese Commando Regiment

28-USP (Luxembourg)

29-Malaysian Special Operations Forces Grup Gerak Khas

30-GAFE (Mexico)

31-Korps Commandotroepen (The Netherlands)

32-Forsvarets Spesialkommando (Norway)

Secondary Series:

1-Special Service Group (Pakistan)

2-GROM (Poland)

3-CTOE (Portugal)

4-DSPI (Romania)

5-Spetsnaz GRU (Russia)

6-Special Brigade (Serbia)

7-Singapore Armed Forces Commando Formation

8-5th Special Forces Regiment (Slovakia)

9-PEST (Slovenia)

10-Unidad de Operaciones Especiales (Spain)

11-South African Special Forces Brigade

12-Thahan Phran (Thailand)

13-Ukrainian Airmobile Forces

14-SAS (United Kingdom)

15-75th Ranger Regiment (United States)

16-Maroon Berets (Turkey) (Thanks to TheTrueRoker)

I need another special force.Suggestions anyone?Preferably an African Special Force, as there is only one African Special Force here (South African), forgive me if I'm wrong.

On the next page is a randomly generated sheet of the match-ups.(Thanks to Ulfric for telling us about the website for this in his article!)


Randomly Generated Match-Ups:

Initial Series:

12 vs. 1

19 vs. 31

26 vs. 23

32 vs. 20

30 vs. 15

2 vs. 14

29 vs. 16

24 vs. 9

8 vs. 21

3 vs. 11

27 vs. 4

7 vs. 28

18 vs. 13

22 vs. 25

5 vs. 6

10 vs. 17

Secondary Series:

12 vs. 16

6 vs. 11

9 vs. 7

2 vs. 8

14 vs. 4

1 vs. 10

5 vs. 13

3 vs. 15

When I get a good suggestion and link for weapons for the 16th Special Force, I will write down the names of the warriors.