Mantenna - Friday, November 6

November 6, 2009

Natalie Portman chats about her extreme lesbian sex scene, Eminem is set to bring us Shady Talez, and Paul McCartney slams The Beatles...the Mantenna has got the touch, as well as the power!

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Portman Calls Lesbian Sex Scene Extreme

Natalie Portman has dished the dirt on filming a lesbian love scene with Mila Kunis for the upcoming Darren Aronoksy film Black Swan. She said, “It’s not raunchy — it’s extreme.” The V for Vendetta actress has also revealed she is taking on more sexually suggestive roles and will appear in her first love scene in the film Brothers, due for release in December. Portman says she has shied away from sex scenes in the past because she was busy figuring out her “sexual identity, likes and dislikes, and all that stuff” and thought it weird to be “doing stuff on film as you’re figuring it out.” [MSNBC]

Kevin Federline is Reportedly Having Another Baby

Kevin Federline has supposedly knocked up another woman. According to Celebuzz the former Mr. Britney Spears is expecting child number five with his pro volleyball girlfriend Victoria Price. According to a source, Prince returned a positive pregnancy test result and “told Kevin that she was pregnant, but he didn’t seem happy to hear the news.” Federline currently has two children with ex Shar Jackson and two with Britney Spears. This guy must have super sperm and an aversion to condoms. [Celebuzz]

Eminem to Star in Shady Talez

It’s been seven years since we last saw Eminem in a movie where he had a leading part (Funny People doesn’t count). Now he’s going to star in Shady Talez, which is being described as a mash-up of The Twilight Zone and Creepshow. In it Eminem is going to play various characters spoofing films such as Christine, Aliens, and The Lost Boys. This will either be the best thing Eminem has done in the last half decade, or it will remind us that it’s been awhile since he’s done some quality work in the studio. [Screen Daily]

J.J. Abrams Returns to TV

For his new NBC television program Undercovers, J.J. Abrams might finally return to the TV directing chair. He hasn’t directed a pilot of a TV show since he directed the pilot for Lost in 2004. Touted as a cross between Mr. & Mrs. Smith and The Bourne Identity, it sounds like something that would come from the mind of Abrams. It’s been too long since he’s helmed one of his own creations, and now that he’s going to direct again it will be interesting to see if he’s still got the Midas touch. [Hollywood Reporter]

Paul McCartney Slams The Beatles


Source: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Sir Paul McCartney has admitted that The Beatles weren't that awesome when they first started out. McCartney has said that he wasn't surprised the record label Decca refused to sign the band in 1962. In an interview with XFM's Ian Camfield, Paul said: "We obviously weren't that good. We were formulating it all.” Paul even went out of his way to say that the band was pretty terrible: "You wouldn't have thought we were that great. You'd have turned us down if you were a record company. And they did - Decca turned us down!" [The Sun]

New York Yankees Celebrate Greed in the Financial District that Nearly Bankrupted America

Earlier this morning, the New York Yankees hosted a parade of irony, featuring millionaire athletes riding down the boulevard of broken dreams (or as some people know it, the financial district of New York) to celebrate the fact that money can buy both happiness and World Series titles. Cheered on by 100,000 of the most annoying fans in the world, Derek Jeter and company accepted keys to the city and later celebrated by allegedly flushing thousand dollar bills down the toilet and foreclosing on various homes throughout the Philadelphia area. [Yahoo]

Is the Motorola Droid an iPhone Killer?

Motorola's newest Android-powered smartphone hit the shelves today, and buzz around the device flat-out dwarfs that of the last real iPhone competitor, Palm's Pre. With features like Google's new Android 2.0 operating system, a full QWERTY keyboard, high resolution display, multi-touch, and expandable memory, it might actually be giving some people at Apple a cause for concern. It also doesn't hurt that Verizon's 3G, as showcased in their "There's a Map for That" commercial, is vastly better than AT&T's. Looks like someone needs to step up their game! [Engadget]

Nintendo Stomps Out Rumors of HD-Enabled Wii Coming Soon

Nintendo is a strange company. In some ways, they embrace innovation and futuristic technology, as showcased in the ground-breaking control scheme introduced with the Wii. But in other places, like say, graphics, Nintendo seems content to stay firmly in the 20th century. Just over a year after Nintendo's own Reggie Fils-Aime denied the existence of a forthcoming Wii HD, the bigwig is having to make that very same denial again. Naturally, a few new rumors of an HD-enabled Wii have surfaced since that fateful day in October of 2008, and with the recent price drop, it made sense to think that the Big N might actually be looking ahead.  Think again. Reggie Fils-Aime makes the reality very clear: "I don't know how forcefully we can say there is no Wii HD." I don't know how forcefully we can say your console is collecting dust in our entertainment centers, Reg. [Joystiq]

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