Bacon Still Better for You Than Smoking

September 12, 2011

Life is full of unanswered yet important mysteries. How was the universe created? What is the meaning of life? Is my wife just pretending that she didn't find Internet porn on my computer or does she really not know?

However, thanks to one reporter's efforts, there is one less question we have to worry about: whether bacon or smoking cigarettes is worse for you.

The short answer, according to longtime "Straight Dope" columnist and reporter Cecil Adams, is that smoking is worse for your body than bacon. Adams broke down the nutritional content of each, which was in itself shocking that cigarettes even had a nutritional content ratio, to determine just what each would put in your body if you consumed them on a daily basis. In this case, he estimated for six slices of bacon a day or a pack a day for smokers.

Taking into account the extra sodium and cholesterol a bacon eater put into his body increased their death risk by 7 percent, but a pack-a-day smoker scored a whopping 202 percent death quotient from his or her habit. Mathematically speaking, that means that just one cigarette a day is the nutritional equivalent of eating nine strips of bacon until, of course, the cigarette companies figure out a way to make a bacon-flavored cigarette.

Photo: Foodcollection/Getty Images