Canadian Football League Now Hiring Sex Offenders, Still Banning Fourth Down

September 15, 2010

Eight months ago, the Saskatchewan Roughriders fired Eric Tillman – their general manager - after he admitted to engaging in sexual activities with his teenage babysitter. Today, the Edmonton Eskimos gave him a chance to commit sex crimes against minors in an entirely different province when they hired him to run their franchise. (And yes, he will receive universal health care while doing it.)

Shockingly, the move was met with some mild criticism by Canadians who don’t support a grown man’s right to get his freak on with a tenth grader. The judge on the case, however, was not one of them, as he let Tillman go with a stern warning after dubbing him “remorseful” for his confession during the court hearing.

Edmonton Eskimos’ Chairman Doug Goss agreed:

Shame on us if we wouldn’t have had the courage of our convictions to do the right thing in face of overwhelming evidence that this is a man who is not only going to bring good football to Edmonton, but he’s not going to do anything to harm our reputation.

First off, I was at McMahon Stadium on September 6, when the Calgary Stampeders handed the Eskimos a 52-5 Labor Day drubbing. This team is beyond saving.

Secondly, did this guy really say "doing the right thing in the face of overwhelming adversity?" Since when does "doing the right thing" include hiring a guy who romances young girls because he can help you win football games? And "in the face of overwhelming evidence"? You mean the evidence of him making sexual advances to a teenager?

Come on, Edmonton! You’re sort of better than this. What would Mark Messier think?

Photo: Jeff McIntosh/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images