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Danger Runs Deep

by mhofstatter   February 25, 2011 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 2,214
This Spring marks the arrival of a new era on Spike TV with Coal as reality powerhouse producer, Thom Beers, takes viewers deep down into the earth for an unprecedented look at one to the world's most dangerous and compelling jobs -- coal mining. The one-hour series is set to premiere on Wednesday, March 30th at 10PM/9c with a first season order of 10 episodes.

Dig Deep

Coming from the man behind the Emmy Award winning Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers and Ax Men, the new original series Coal explores the vital American industry through the eyes of Mike Crowder and Tom Roberts, part-owners of Cobalt Mine in Westchester, West Virginia as well as the area's hard-working miners, families and community members. Crowder and Roberts face pressure every minute of every day to not only keep the mine up and running, but also to keep their workers safe in a highly dangerous environment where one wrong move could prove deadly. The duo leads more than 40 machine operators, foremen, electricians and coal truck drivers in one of the most dangerous workplaces on the planet, underneath the mountains of Appalachia.

Crowder and Roberts are loyal family men who use the support of their loved ones to tackle the daily demands of the mine. Roberts' own mining career spans more than 45 years in which he has seen his share of accidents and knows that any mistake a mile beneath the earth's surface can spell certain disaster.

Blending the very heart of Americana and the truly dangerous, Coal is set to create a new standard for reality television. Stay tuned to Spike.com in the weeks ahead for more stories, videos and photos of Crowder and Roberts, Westchester and the Cobalt Mine, and sharpen those pick axes as Coal comes to Spike this March 30th.