Top Shelf Tuesday - September 29

September 27, 2009

Tuesday is here, and you know what that means--it's time to start thinking about the latest hot releases. Luckily for you, our man-palate is here to guide you to the promised land.

Source: Techmo


With the release of Gran Turismo PSP, Sony's premier driving simulator finally finds its way onto the handheld gaming device after being showcased at Sony's E3 press conference all the way back in 2004. So what do you get for all that waiting? How about 800 cars, 35 tracks (70 if you include reverse routes), and some of the most realistic racing to ever grace a portable system?

The hack-and-slack ninjitsu bloodfest Ninja Gaiden returns to the PlayStation 3 with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. Everyone's favorite super ninja Ryu Hayabusa returns to retrieve his village's demon statue and, of course, save the world in the process. Sigma 2 will also feature some new, sexy playable characters who've jumped over from the scantily-clad Dead or Alive series and an enhanced graphics engine designed to push the PS3 to its limits.



Source: DreamWorks/Paramount

In the event you missed the 3D spectacular that was Monsters vs. Aliens in the theaters, you will now have the opportunity to own it. Whether you pick up the Ginormous Double DVD Pack or the Blu-ray, both come with a ridiculous amount of extras. Let’s start off with the 3D side of things: both the Double DVD and Blu-ray come with four – count ‘em, four – pairs of 3D glasses. If your family consists of more than four people, well, just be grateful you don’t live in China. Other extras include a new adventure with the characters from the movie called B.O.B’s Big Break, which can be viewed in 3D and 2D. You’ll also get a zillion featurettes, such as The Tech of Monsters vs. Aliens, Monger’s Plan, War Room Turns on Monsters, as well as deleted scenes and lots of other stuff. This is a must-have for animation buffs.

Steve Zahn and Jennifer Aniston make unlikely bedfellows in Management, a little movie that popped up under the radar not too long ago. In all likelihood you never had a chance to see it in the theater, so now’s your chance to see it on the small screen. The extras are few but good. You get an audio commentary with Zahn and writer/director Stephen Belber, nine deleted scenes, a gag reel, and the original trailer. All of this makes for a nice little indie package with A-list talent – how can you go wrong?



Source: Jill Gibson/Getty Images

The Complete Monterey Pop Festival Criterion Collection gives us an in-depth look at the three-day concert event held June 16 to June 18, 1967 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds in Monterey, California. Monterey was the first widely-promoted rock festival, bringing in an estimated 200,000 total attendees. It was also notable as hosting the first major U.S. appearances by Jimi Hendrix and The Who, as well as the first major public performances of Janis Joplin and Otis Redding. The DVD features numerous performances as well as Monterey Pop, D.A. Pennebaker's 79-minute, 1968 film. The show has been given a high-definition digital transfer and a new 5.1 mix. Get it!

Chicken Switch is a Melvins remix album by various noise and experimental artists that is not your average remix comp. Unlike usual remix records where the remixer is given a single track to work with, Chicken Switch has given each remixer a full album to work with and pull from to create their very own track. The song names were also newly selected by each remixer. The album features obscure artists like Japan’s Eye Yamatsuka, Germany’s Christoph Heemann and Sonic Youth co-founder Lee Ranaldo. If you love the Melvins, then Chicken Switch would be a good grab.

Did we miss anything? What are you looking forward to picking up this week?