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MCMGs Powerbomb Illness and Injury

by MariShapiro   March 29, 2010 at 12:12PM  |  Views: 135

A lot of fans are peeved that the ring structure has changed in TNA. For those unfamiliar with the product, TNA started with a six sided ring when they debuted on national TV some years ago. Personally though, I couldn't be happier that we actually use a more traditional four sided squared circle. Here's why: in December during a match with Doug Williams, I was dropped with a backdrop suplex directly onto one of the metal pillars that was necessary to keep the six sided ring solid. It hurt. It felt like someone used one of the cattle prods from the original Road Rash for Sega Genesis on my spine. I felt a giant shock wave radiate through my lower back. 

Bear in mind, when one's actually wrestling, pain is an afterthought most of the time. Adrenaline, blood, and focus are pumping. After the match, I flashed back to my very first day of wrestling, training in a pole barn somewhere outside Port Huron. I remember hitting the canvas for the first time and thinking "I don't know if I can do this." Up until this point, I had wanted to do nothing else. Quite the predicament, no?

Anyway, my back stiffened up, but that's usual for me. I'm 26, almost 27, and I feel like I'm twenty years older than I oughta. Christmas Eve rolls around, I'm at the gym, and there she goes; I pull a muscle in my back. Now, having played sports my whole life, this has happened before. Muscle spasms in the back suck, and I figured this was no different. So I get home, open presents with my extended family, and for some reason, I feel like the patriarch because I'm welded to a chair, unable to move, and my younger cousins are having to hand me everything, fetch me everything. I remain useless and nearly paralyzed for about two weeks. I spent my New Year's Eve lying in bed with a heating pad. What a HOT date, huh?!?! Get it? Ah, no good? I tried.

I got an MRI a couple weeks later after nothing had improved. Guess what? Two herniated discs, and two bulging discs. That was January 5th.

It's March 25th, and I'm just now starting to feel better. The other day, I moved a chair and thought: "Wow, I didn't have any pain, nor did I have to bend down into the shape of a question mark."

So for all the fans out there who wonder why sometimes wrestlers aren't exactly the most approachable folks at all times, keep in mind that much like Transformers, there may be more than meets the eye. And whatever you do, don't dust off the old "I pay your salary!" or "You'd be nothing without the fans!" like. Yeah, and McDonald's would be nothing without customers, you know?

Besides, most fans are really nice. As are most New Years and Christmases. Those rings sure are a lot harder than I thought though.


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