Cash-filled Bra Saves Life

April 14, 2009

Bras have long been the protector of a woman’s most valuable assets. But a Brazilian woman recently used her bra to store another valuable asset...and the money ended up saving her life.

Ivionete Pereira, a 58-year-old woman, was travelling by bus to her summer home near the Brazilian town of Lauro de Freitas. Knowing that frequent attacks occurred on the bus line, Ivionete stuffed the left cup of her bra with 150 reals (about 70 dollars).

The bus was inevitably held up by two armed men, ending in a shootout with police. During the gun fight, a stray bullet hit Ivionete in the chest. According to reports, Ivionete’s bra was "stuffed with just enough cash to absorb most of the impact" from the bullet.  Her cashed-filled bra had saved her life.

Source: Glowimages / Getty Images