The Golden-I Puts Your Head In The Cloud

January 12, 2012

Coming dreadfully close to making our 5 Goofiest CES Gadgets list is the Golden-I, whose clumsy-looking form actually beholds some pretty cool functionality.

The headset allows you to sync your devices: computer, cellphone, tablet (and so on), all via cloud. It connects to WiFi and Bluetooth for super easy information access. The screen is designed to simulate looking at a 15 inch computer monitor, and it's got a speaker and microphone for that old verbal communication thing. Perhaps the coolest, most "Minority Report"-esque part: it uses your head motions and recognizes your speech to let you navigate around your desktop.

The Golden-I website touts their product as a device for "spontaneous information snacking," which to us just sounds like a way to avoid meaningful human interaction for the rest of your mortal life.

However, can you blame us for wanting to try ordering a pizza on it?