Mantenna - Friday, April 10

April 10, 2009

Chasing hot girls next door in the wild, the first photo from the Tron remake, and the 10 funniest CNN bloopers of all's the Mantenna!

Source: DoubleViking

Hotties in the Wild

Chasing truly beautiful women is similar to hunting in the wild. It can be lonely, hard work, and trying. Luckily, DoubleViking has done the hard work for you and created a gallery of truly beautiful women existing in their natural habitat. It’s 100 percent girl next door. [DoubleViking]

Beauty Queen Wins Porn Settlement

A former beauty queen has won a $7.2 million verdict after suing nine internet companies who tried to sell pornographic videos that they falsely claimed featured her. Allison Williams, who was crowned Miss West Virginia in 2003, was awarded the damages after a court decided the videos had damaged her reputation and invaded her privacy. According to reports, the videos, which surfaced in the fall of 2004, "show a woman the porn producers claimed to be Williams having sex in the back of a TV news truck.” Williams discovered the videos herself while surfing the internet during her first semester of law school. [New York Post]

First Tron Set Photo

The first photo from the set of Tron 2 has surfaced, along with the rumor that the production is spending a whopping $300 million dollars on the film. This number has not been confirmed, though it also hasn’t been denied by the studio or any executives. According to the observer who took this photo, the film is spending heavy-duty money in Vancouver, British Columbia, blocking off major streets and doing effect and stunt-heavy work involving cranes and elaborate sets. Sounds like the next Tron won’t be lacking of action and spectacle. [/Film]

The 10 Funniest CNN Bloopers of All Time

CNN is all news, all the time.  So sometimes the reporters get a little worn down or a little flustered and end up making mistakes.  Sometimes they say c***, or tell a reporter in the field with gigantic boobs that she’s got “nice melons.”  And sometimes they confuse rape with lacrosse.  These things happen, and now you can see them all at Manofest. [Manofest]

Kanye West Humbled by South Park


Source: Jay West/WireImage/Getty Images

South Park “murdered” Kanye West in an episode implicating that he liked to f*** fish and was too stupid and arrogant to understand even the most rudimentary joke.  It was a pretty accurate piece of cartoon documentary since Kanye West is an awfully egocentric prick.  However, to his credit, his inevitably caps-locked blog response was surprisingly humble [Rolling Stone]

Humans and Aliens Share DNA

It turns out our fantasies of the big-headed, humanoid style extraterrestrials might not be such a far-fetched sci-fi fantasy.  Because there are only 20 amino acids, there are only so many ways they can fit together.  This is especially true because certain acids won’t react with each other or will only react with other acids in a specific way.  Astrophysicist Ralph Pudritz says this “may implicate a universal structure of the first genetic codes anywhere." [Wired]

Obama's Whole Crew to Get New Wheels

Seems the U.S. Government is looking to get more than IOU's when it shovels money at Detroit. The General Services Administration plans to buy $285 million in vehicles from Chrysler, Ford, and GM. The General Services Administration supplies the U.S. Government with pretty much everything it needs to function. Among those supplies is a worldwide fleet of some 650,000 vehicles. The plan calls for some 17,500 vehicles to be purchased under existing agreements with Ford, GM. and Chrysler to replace aging vehicles in the fleet. The $285 million is part of the economic stimulus bill passed earlier this year by Congress, which budgeted $300 million for vehicle upgrades. The vehicles will include about 14% hybrids among the mix of cars, trucks, and SUVs. [Worldcarfans]

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