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Watchmen Comic-Con Panel

by spike.com   July 23, 2008 at 3:20PM  |  Views: 222


Watchmen Comic-Con Panel

Watchmen has been floating around Hollywood for a long time, passing through the hands of directors like Terry Gilliam, Darren Aronofsky and others. So when Warner Bros. came to Zack Snyder, fresh off of 300, and asked him to do it, he considered passing as well. It's a tough sell. Condense one of the most in depth comic book novels of all time down into a single movie and make it good for both comic book geeks and mass audiences. But Snyder confessed at the Comic-Con panel in San Diego that the second WB asked him, he felt responsible for the outcome of the film. "If I don't do this film and it's not as good, it's still my fault."

And so it was that Snyder took on Watchmen and comic geeks all over the world sensed a tremor in the force. It would finally happen. But will it be all that comic fans hope for? Alan Moore's source materials have had their hits and misses. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Good gravy!

So when the trailer was released before the majesty that was The Dark Knight, I was both excited and worried. The visuals were great, but the heroes seemed almost TOO AWESOME, given that in the book these were over the hill, semi-retired heroes. But after seeing some exteneded clips at the panel, it's safe to say my fears have been put to rest. Patrick Wilson in particular, looks great as Dan and commented on how nice it was that, while his fellow Watchmen were busy in weight training, he was throwing back pints of hagendaaz to bulk up for the role.

It is also comforting to see a profound lack of changes from the source material. Snyder reasoned that trying to force the characters of Watchmen into a more current political setting doesn't make a lot of sense and the dark tone is also directly from the comic. "The Dark Knight is just a good movie. Comic book films aren't just mindless summer entertainment. This is important. This talks about humanity.These are serious topics and serious actors."

So it would appear that Watchmen has serious potential for success. A director and cast that truly loved and respect the source material. Minimal changes from the comic itself. And a dark (albeit 300-y) visual style. We all pine, and hope and wait, with baited breath, for this 2009 release.

Check out the Watchmen Trailer, here

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