Man Ties Wife to Working Jetpack

July 29, 2008


Glenn Martin, a 48-year old chemist from Britain, built himself a working jet pack.  Actually, a more accurate term would be propeller pack because it doesn't use jets.  The effect, though, is similarly uplifting.


Mr. Martin, like many of us boys, had dreamt of inventing and using a rocket pack since he was a wee one.  The difference between him and you, though, is he built one over the course of 11 years and you bought the Rocketeer off Amazon (used) for $4.50 plus shipping.


It took him 11 years because he wanted to make a jet pack that was not just functional for 30 seconds (like this one) but one that could actually be used for, say, getting groceries or flying to a lava field to fight space monsters. The problem, in the end, was the pilot was too heavy.  So, he enlisted his wife.

I took some precautions,' Mr Martin grinned. ‘I tied the thing to a pole in the garage so Vanessa wouldn't go flying through the roof.

It astounds me that this guy made something that worked and that it was constructed out of empty gravy tins, a colander and wishes.  Mr. Martin plans on selling the contraptions for about $100,000, though, so maybe he can afford the hospital bills.