We Have a Fansite and it's Awesome

November 6, 2009

Hey everyone,

After spending a day or two recovering from my vacation, I hit the ground running yesterday and began the arduous task of notating the melody line of one of our new songs. It would be easier if I hadn't made this particular melody so damn syncopated. Fire the writer! Why am I doing this? Well, there are many reasons. One of which is that it's nice to look at things. The guys and I are ridiculously perfectionistic and each part must be meticulously crafted to work with the surrounding instrumentation and to satisfy our compulsions :) You should see some of the stuff my principle co-writer, Mike Kreher, submits. It's pretty nuts. But it's also helpful to be able to see how the music looks. We're audio guys, there's no denying that, but there's something about being able to visualize how the pieces fit together that's extremely helpful. In the past we would trade files back and forth or print scores and mark them up in rehearsals. But Mike, being the awesome guy that he is, introduced us to a new way of collaborating.

Noteflight provides an online suite of tools that artists can use to collaborate on musical scores. Think Google docs, but cooler (I know, we're biased). Check out this glimpse of the new song. I wrote it on the internet. How cool is that? Speaking of coolness, our friend Angie made us a fansite! If you click here you'll be directed to a'tris Nation where you'll find some of the many awesome banners and glitter graphics she's created for us over the years. If you like them, she's made it easy for you to embed them on your site to share them with your friends. Thanks Angie!

Here's on of my favorites. I have a tie just like this one :)

Please let Angie know how awesome she is in the below comment box!