Workout Musts From Robbie E

by Robbie E   January 16, 2013 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 1,743

What's up, bro? I'm jacked. Everyone knows it's true. Well, people always ask me what I do to get so awesome. Part of it is you have to be born this good looking. But I have intense awesome workouts. How does this happen, bro? Well here is a LIST of the 5 things Robbie E needs for a perfect workout, bro.

5 - Pre Workout Supplement - Gotta get the energy a bro like me needs to get the muscles pumping and my heart beating, bro.

4 - Mirrors - Throughout my workout I gotta look at myself, bro. I gotta see how big I'm getting and how tan I look. It keeps me going through my workouts, which sometimes can be up to two hours, bro.

3 - No Sleeves – I cannot feel constricted while my lifting. I need to be free, you know, bro? Bigger Rob is the same way when he hits the weights. Why would we cover up our jacked arms, bro?

2 - Music - I gotta have good tunes in my ear, bro. I listen to a variety of differnet music while I'm working out. Rock, rap, club music… even Billy Joel sometimes, bro. It all depends on my mood. But I bet you didn't know Bigger Rob loves to workout to the Spice Girls.

1 - Scenery - Hot chicks around is a must! It gives me something to workout for. Plus I go harder knowing that they are staring at me, bro.

Now you know what I need to get jacked! Until next week...OH!!!!! You're not on the list bro!!!!!

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