Maria Sharapova's Stalker Tries the Direct Approach

January 18, 2011

Some people call repeated attempts for attention in inappropriate manners “stalking.” Others just call the police. For clay court eye candy Maria Sharapova, the former is quickly turning into the latter after a New Zealand journalist claimed “it’s not stalking if you love someone” during an awkward press conference on Monday.

This romantic gesture was not the first from the man. The lovestruck television personality has reportedly been keeping an eye on Sharapova from a not-so-safe distance over the years and likes to use crowded press conferences as a forum to express his love. (Being able to yell obscene things at pro athletes is the only real job perk that comes with being a media member.)

An Australian newspaper reports:

He first bobbed up at the Auckland Open, then took his place in the media room at Rod Laver Arena after player training sessions.


Following her defeat of Thai Tamarine Tanasugarn in the first round, the man accused Sharapova of calling him a stalker - to which she replied: "Yes."


When he asked if she had had a problem with a stalker before, she said: "Not until you, no."
The man then unfurled a cardboard sign on which he had scrawled: "I am not a stalker."


"I don't know why you're here today," Sharapova said. "That shouldn't have happened. You even have a sign. Oh, goodness, that's wrong," she said.

The man, who clearly understands what women want, responded by claiming “it’s not stalking if you love someone.”

To be fair, if Hugh Grant used the same strategy on Julia Roberts while a Michelle Branch song played in the background, unattractive women who live vicariously through romantic comedies would call his persistence “admirable.” But since he’s not famous or attractive, his efforts get a thumbs down/restraining order.

Sadly, Sharapova felt the same way.

“It can be, slightly, trust me,” she told the room while publicly crushing his dreams.

I’d tell the guy not to give up, but that doesn’t seem to really be a problem.  Maybe just try harder?

Photo: Sydney Morning Herald