How To Fight a Shark

by Reverend_Danger   March 12, 2009 at 2:24PM  |  Views: 240

Craig Clasen was hunting tuna with his friends. Ya know, like ya do. He was using a snorkel, not scuba gear. And yet he was able to accomplish one of the manliest acts of all time...

Would you believe that Clasen killed a motherf***ing shark with his bare hands? The 2-hour motherf***ing battle occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, and there is high resolution, photographic evidence of it because he and his friends were in the process of making a documentary.

"Once I shot it in the gills I felt a moral obligation to finish the job," Clasen said. "In the end we put a knife in its skull."

Not only was this guy man enough to kill a shark on the shark's home turf, but he was man enough to shed a single, underwater tear of sorrow at slaying one of nature’s most perfect predators.

I bet this dude is hung like a fire extinguisher.

Source: NY Post