Winner's Bracket; Modern, Round 12 (Final Round!): Viet Cong vs Green Beret

December 3, 2010

Viet Cong


Tokarev TT33.

Punji Stakes.


Green Beret


Beretta Pistol.


M67 Grenade.


MAT-49 vs M4A1. Edge = M4A1.

This was close, but the M4A1 wins due to accuracy.

Tokarev vs Beretta. Edge = Tokarev.

The Beretta is heavier and less accurate where the Tokarev is lighter, faster, and accurate.

Punji Stakes vs E-Tool. Edge = E-Tool.

The Punji Stakes are set up, and with a great elite force, like the Green Beret, they won't fall for the spike ball, but the pit maybe, but the E-Tool is a melee weapon and can kill before anyone finds the trap.

POMZ-2 vs M67. Edge = M67.

The POMZ-2 is a great mine, but the M67 can be thrown, meaning you can throw and kill, where you have to run and be killed by the mine.


Six Green Beret's have split up from their group in Vietnam. They were (obviously) searching for the Viet Cong, but no luck arrived so far. They thought they heard something in a little clearing a hundred feet away from them, so they surrounded the clearing, being a sort of camp.

Inside the camp, one member of the Cong was holding a mine, followed by another with his MAT. Fifty feet outside their camp, they planted the mine, but the 'bodyguard' with the MAT was shot down by the Green Beret's, and the mine planter grabbed the MAT, and ran behind a thick tree. He shot back, just missing a Beret.

Viet Cong: 5. Green Beret: 6.

The other Cong member was shot down, but the Beret's scattered. One ran over to where the mine is. He took out his e-tool, other Beret's near him, shooting at the rest of the Cong who had heard the commotion.

When the Beret found the mine, he set it down, and by now more were shooting. One of the Cong ran up to the e-tool Beret, but before he could swing his shovel, he was shot in the chest by the Viet, who had a tokarev in hand.

Viet Cong: 4. Green Beret: 5.

The Viet who just shot the Beret tried to run, but he was now in the crossfire, and was shot by both teams.

The Viet Cong, now with half of there total number of men a few minutes ago, ran into the jungle. The Beret chased, but another tripped on a rock and landed in leaves. Which gave way, and he fell several feet onto punji stakes.

Another Beret shot, but missed, and when he shot his beretta again, it was out. Still running, he pulled out more ammo and filled it, and shot again. The bullet hit another Viet in the neck.

Viet Cong: 2. Green Beret: 4.

One of the Viet Cong turned at a corner and shot down another Green Beret, who fell to the ground shooting his carbine.

The Viet an after the other Beret's came, but he was able to shoot another one, but it didn't kill him. They shot back, and killed the Viet with a head shot.

Viet Cong: 1. Green Beret: 3.

The last Viet ran into a small ditch, which led into a cave. When another Beret came in, he was shot down.

The Viet ran deeper in the cave. He heard more people in it, knowing the Beret's were on his tail.

One Beret rose up night scopes to his eyes, and now saw in the dark, looking for the last Cong member. The other Beret stood outside, guarding the area, so if the Cong member got out, he'd get him anyway.

Inside the cave, the Beret found the Viet, and shot at him, gashing him. He ran fast, and got out of the cave, and when he did both Beret's got him, and shot him multiple times, riddling him with bullets and blood.

Viet Cong: 0. Green Beret: 2.

Green Beret: 616.

M4A1: 483.

Beretta: 97.

E-Tool: 7.

M67: 29.

Viet Cong: 384.

MAT-49: 291.

Tokarev: 66.

Punji Stakes: 3.

POMZ-2: 24.