Urban Tarzan Roars Into Spike In 2013

September 20, 2012

When you've been attacked by nearly every animal known to man, you learn a thing or two about animal relocation. Enter Urban Tarzan, the half-hour show which SPIKE TV has recently ordered ten episodes of, hitting the network in 2013. The series follows the life of "URBANTARZAN" himself (formerly John Brennan who legally changed his name to the one word URBANTARZAN) as he risks life and limb to separate man from animal in the public.

To say URBANTARZAN's job is fraught with danger a would be an understatement: in one scenario he's tracking down a lion who broke free from an animal sanctuary while in another he's capturing a deadly python slithering freely in a residential neighborhood. As an animal handler, URBANTARZAN is certainly dicing with death, but luckily he'll have the help of Jay "The Caveman" Cassidy, his right-hand man, who is ready for anything. If you wanted a series that throws caution to the wind, you've got it.

Urban Tarzan is produced by Asylum Entertainment and will debut on Spike in the spring of 2013. Steve Michaels and Jonathan Koch from Asylum Entertainment serve as executive producers. The original concept for the show was created by URBANTARZAN, Lorraine Yarde and Mark Basile.