When Flashing Goes Wrong

September 7, 2011

A group of enthusiastic groupies flash their favorite rock star… until it all goes horribly wrong.

The folk at Virgin Prepaid Mobile South Africa have created a cheeky commercial (or should that be perky?) involving four buxom women who flash their breasts at a rock star walking a red carpet. No wonder rock n' rollers love touring in South Africa.

At first the rocker is interested. Then things turn pear-shape when one of the girls freezes mid-flash. Embarrassing! It turns out she's some sort of robot or wind-up doll. Text appears on the screen reading, "We Know What Running out of Airtime Feels Like." Ok, so she ran out of airtime and prepaid cell phones can run out of minutes or airtime. That's the connection, right?

It's a confusing spot and, let's face it, a stretch. But that's the price ad execs pay to get some breasts in their commercials.

Source: Virgin Mobile South Africa