Openfilm welcomes Full Sail, Steps Up Content and Invites Critics

October 19, 2009 welcomes Full Sail University.

Attention all Openfilmers: if you are looking to launch a career in recording, music, film, video games, design, animation, entertainment business, or Internet marketing, Full Sail University might be the right place to start. Over the past 30 years, Full Sail University has built a reputation as one of the premier media arts schools in the world. Full Sail values the Openfilm community of filmmakers and is now advertising on our site.

Full Sail knows that Openfilm is a great way to reach future film students.

Openfilm Tweets.

What’s the best way to keep up with what’s happening at Openfilm in140 characters or less? Why Twitter, of course. Follow our tweets and stay up on our company’s latest developments at

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Everyone’s a critic – now it is your turn!

Openfilm is looking for volunteers to write reviews on films and to select the videos that appear in Editor’s Picks on our Homepage. If you are interested in participating simply send us a short review (100 words max) of a film.

Stepping up our content.

At the request of many of our filmmakers, we’ve removed some of the videos that are considered by advertisers and others to be “objectionable” content. We understand that while babes in bikinis partying on South Beach can be fun to watch, these videos are not in keeping with our dedication to independent film. If you have any questions, contact us at

And a special thank you to some of the Filmmakers who took the time to share their thoughts with us. We've highlighted your work below.