Exclusive Interview with Adult Film Actress Kayden Kross

May 17, 2010

Adult film star Kayden Kross is a blonde bombshell. You may recognize her as a contestant in our Ultimate Spike Girl competition. She recently signed with Digital Playground and is starring in her first film with them titled The Smiths. We recently chatted with Kayden about her new flick, how she started in the adult biz, and how she prepares for “a day in the office.” WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT.

How did you get into the adult entertainment biz?

I was a house dancer at a club in Sacramento when an agent approached me about modeling for mens' magazines… from there the contract offers came in to do hardcore movies and the idea of being paid to do hot people and travel around the country seemed like a no brainer.

You’ve worked for a lot of the big porn production companies, what’s it like working with Digital Playground?

Digital Playground is the Gucci of porn. Everything they do is high end and they don’t leave any details to chance. They’re known for their quality and their exclusivity. When I show up for a Digital project I’m excited. I want to be involved in all of it. I get emotionally attached to my porn. I may have shed happy tears when The Smith’s hit the streets. They were brief tears though. The people I was with said I was embarrassing them.

Tell us about your first flick, The Smiths, with Digital Playground?

Riley Steele and I play sisters who do undercover work that our whole family has kept hidden from my husband. The story picks up at a point where my husband has been faithful to me because he loves me, but I’ve been neglecting his dick for so long that he’s ready to explode. It of course doesn’t help that Riley comes and goes through our house looking like a teen model all day long and he works at a net-nanny company screening porn sites all day. Once Riley blows our cover I have some serious explaining to do.

Courtesy of Digital Playground

How do you prepare for a sex scene?

I shower. That’s key (;

You’re an avid reader. What are you reading now, what’s your all-time favorite book and why?

I have four or five books going right now…. “Geronimo Rex” by Barry Hannah, I just got “Tales of Ordinary Madness” by Bukowski… another called “Let the Great World Spin”... I just found “Man Gone Down” again after it had been lost in the back seat of my truck for the past year so I’m trying to finally wrap that one up. I’m also slowly working my way through “Failed State” but that one requires a lot more concentration than I care to give at any one time.

How has the internet changed porn?

It’s made it more easily accessible. At one point it was a big deal if you could get your hands on a magazine with a nude centerfold before you came out on the other side of puberty… now people think explicit vaginal sex is vanilla. There was almost an arms race to be extreme and it’s easy to get lost in a sea of millions if you don’t put some thought into it as a performer. Porn is so far from scarce now that it actually follows you with pop up windows. My own website does that to me. It pisses me off. (PS that’s not a reason not to go there).

What are you favorite dirty words and why?

I love the word f***. It can be used so many ways. I also love the word whore. They just feel like words you can wrap your tongue around when you’re getting reamed.

What’s your favorite body part?

I like a good torso. I may have a Greek statue fetish. On myself? I like my bellybutton. I wanted to pierce it but I was afraid the piercing would hide the fine shape of my bellybutton.

What qualities do you look for in a guy?

Aside from good torsos? People who can distract me from Twitter when they talk. I think that’s important. If you’re not more interesting sitting next to me in a room than the thousands of strangers communicating in 140 characters or less in cyberspace then we don’t stand a chance.

Do you have any special advice for guys?

Well groomed fingernails get you laid. Pay attention to that s***.

Kayden's first film with Digitial Playground, The Smiths, is out now.