Possible matchups I will try to do

December 5, 2010

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Greetings all. I am sorry that i have been so slow to update my matchup Raj put vs Centurion. I have stalled there for four Reasons

A. Finals and projects

B. Unable to find much information on the Raj put

C. Impassioned debate   forcing me to review what i have done (no I do not blame you guys, i actually like the debate, its good to hear two sides of the coin)



Despite this I am going to try to set a goal for myself....once finals are over to do more matchups

My Future matchups will be (hopefully)

1.       Alexander the great(of course)  vs. Sun Tzu- in a "Generals battle" (not army vs army)

2.       Mayan warrior vs. Egyptian

3.       Amazonian Huaorani Tribemen  vs. Fijian  warrior

4.       Rajput warrior vs. Giant  Squid

5.       Japanese Woku vs. Byzantine Marines-

6.       Australian Aboriginal vs. Iroquois warrior(no gunpowder)

7.        Dacio-Thracian vs. Zande Warrior

8.       Shaka Zulu Vs Arminius (Ad 9)

9.       Assyrian warrior vs. ancient Iberian warrior

10.   Dahomey Amazons vs Ottoman Janissaries

11.   Incan vs Ancient Irish  warrior

12.   Besilarus vs Khalid Ibn Walid

13.   Polish winged husssar vs Persio-hellenic cataphract(or possibly Byzantine)

14.   Boudicca vs Tomyris

15.   Vlad vs  Nobunaga oda -

16.   Hawaiian Koa vs Shaolin Monk  

17.   Han dynasty warrior vs Persian immortal

18.   Genghis Khan vs Hernando Cortez

19.   Templar knight vs medieval Korean warrior

20.   Flavius Aetius vs Hannibal( debatable)

21.     Ancient Sumerian Vs Ancient Israelite

22. Lu bu vs Julius Ceaser

23. Chekvar(Indian gladiator) vs Roman gladiator(possibly Spartacus?)

24. Masai vs Inuit (not sure about this one)

25. King Porus vs Suryavarman II

26. Byzantine Vangarian Gaurd vs. Roman Praetorian Guard

27. Spartan Hoptile vs Viking Raider

On sidelines:  Lanschrekmen, Filipino Warrior, Spartan, Maori, Ninja

And that’s it. Some of these will probably change, some may be added/removed and hell I may not do all of them(laziness is the enemy of all good things). But I swear that this winter break I will try to actually make AND FINISH matches.

In Order

1.       Huaorani Amazon Tribesmen vs. Fijian warrior: Ecuador’s fanatical revenge obsessed “Warriors of the Amazon” take on the famed cannibal warriors of Fiji. In this battle between two savage warrior cultures with no rules of warfare the serrated spears have been sharpened on both ends, and man-sized bows, blowguns, slings, clubs and battle axes collide in what could only be a most gruesome finale no matter who wins.  2.       Mayan warrior vs. Egyptian-in this battle between two advanced ancient civilizations worlds collide. In what is a deadliest warrior first there will be a Animal vs Animal category as horse driven chariots take on hand thrown hornet bombs. Joining these war beasts is an arsenal that includes obsidian chainsaws, spear throwers, sickles and axes.  



Grading scale: I had my own unique grading scale where I would grade each weapon on and characteristics and compare it to the other a edge. For example

Xyston Spear vs. Backscratcher (this is just an example don’t take it seriously)

Power: 9             6

Speed 7            5

Maneuverability of user: 4   7

How hard to dodge 6 8

Bonus Attributes 9 5

Xyston : 35 Backscratcher: :31

Xyston gets the EDGE!!!!!!!!

All this with explanations of course. However due to difficulties in grading bonus or even deciding it , how to find a constant that would work with all weapons in that category, and how much would be based on opinion made me think that Marek way would be better.


I am planning on doing at least five weapons for each, plus tactics and armor and will also include martial arts when applicable (which is whenever 1 side has a martial art). I may decide to forgo the policy of some of my compatriots in treating all weapon categories as equal. Not all weapon categories are equal.

I will also try to evaluate weapons on more than just killing power.  

For some more exotic cultures like the Amazonian tribesmen some weapons may be “borrowed” from other tribes when reasonable. This is due to lack of information on specific tribe and the fact that their neighbors posses these weapons. For battle purposes cant I assume that, if not creating these weapons on their own, they traded or took it from their dead neighboring tribe’s corpses? I will only do this WITHIN reason so for example the Fiji islander will not get the Maori Mere.

All battles will be by defaultsquad vs squad  I decided this early on A. to better showcase weapons and tactics. B. deal with the problem of burdence(to many weapons equals hard to carry) . Also there will be “Generals Battles” where it be small armies and a helluva more weapons.

Finally all will be 5 6  pages long for organizational purposes. 1. Describing lets say the Amazons. 2. The Fiji 3. Edges. 4. Battle 5. Results and why. (1st could be rplaced by introductions)

So now that I am done any comment / questions from you guys?

And credit goes to Mr. Franscilla(R.I.P L), Russia, TrueRoker, Marek, Kelley, Ulfic, Ihonk, superphoenix, Vnlcards, Master of the boot and others who inspired me. Check out their blogs….or not in two cases -_-.