Bikini-Clad Miss Turkey Fulfills Lifelong Dream of Selling Burgers

March 25, 2011
When a national burger chain, known for their sexy and sensual commercials, introduces a new turkey burger, there’s apparently only one woman in the world suitable enough to sell it…Miss Turkey.

Fast food chain Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. has tapped the current Miss Turkey Gizem Memiç (and last year’s Miss Universe participant) to head the campaign for a new under-500-calorie turkey burger. It’s silly, sexy and will leave you feeling stupid.

As Miss Turkey walks towards a pool she strips down to a sexy bikini. Men begin to ogle, Miss Turkey starts to angrily devour the burger, and a voice-over kicks in announcing, “To help you remember Miss Turkey, we put her in a bikini. To help you remember Miss Turkey's bikini, we had it designed with little, tiny pictures of our charbroiled turkey burger.” Yeah, we get it. There’s no need to hit us over the head with all your turkey talk. Doing so runs the risk of this spot becoming like its subject matter. A real turkey.

Source: Hardee’s