Girls Gone Plastic: Chloe Lattanzi

April 28, 2008


I just caught Chloe Lattanzi on an episode of MTV’s new showRock The Cradle and it's obvious that this girl has spent some major time and money ona plastic surgeon's operating table.  Chloe is the daughter of Olivia Newtown-John andhas been singing for years and according to her MTV biography:

At 16, Chloe was signed to Festival Mushroom under WarnerRecords. Over the next six years, she continuously wrote songs, developed as aproducer and found her own sound. Now, at the age of 22, she has almostcompleted her debut album, No Pain.

I’m no musician, but that seems like an incredibly long timeto write and produce an album. What I like about Chloe is that she’s a little freakyand she knows it - she even sang Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” on last week’s show.She’s also freaky looking. I can’t  decide if she's cute or if she looks likeMarilyn Manson. Then I found this photo of her


From the looks of it she’s definitely had something pumpedinto her lips as well as having her eyes and nose altered. This is a sad state ofaffairs as Chloe looked cute as a youngster. It must be tough growing up with fame fortune and being able to ask your mom for anything, even if it's a new nose for Christmas. I wonder what she'll get this year?

Check out more photos of Chloe in Spike’s Chloe Lattanzi photo gallery or catch Chloe’s latest performance onRock The Craddle where she got all freaky.