Wonder What His Favorite Shark Is

October 28, 2008

A man in Romania nailed a big, steely nail into his skull (like ya do) to impress his friends.  Let that settle into your skull. The Sun (the newspaper not the celestial body) reports today on a man named Radu Popescu that decided to impress his friends by driving a 6 centimeter nail directly into his friends.  Slacking on their fact-finding, though, they fail to report whether said friends were, indeed, impressed. Pics of this poor, punctured soul after the jump. 

When you’re a 39-year old from Romania, I actually believe this is a rite of passage.  You drive a nail into your skull, if you survive, you drink the blood of a prize goat and you are able to retire.  It’s the circle of life, and it’s not something we should be joking* about.

Think this is the same Radu Popescu

*Narrowing down the choices for this title was worse than choosing which of your kids gets shot by bank robbers first.  Way, way harder: This Guy Gives Bad Head, You'd Nail This Guy, Nailed, That's no Way to get Ahead, He Sure Wasn't at the Head of his Class, Hiting the Nail on the..., Speaking of Bad Head, How's Your Mom,