Kickstarting the DeLorean from “Back to the Future”

July 27, 2013
Source: Jason Aron/Louis Krubich/

It was important for Aron and Krubich to tell this story, but also tell it for the right reasons. They've already vetted and screened potential subjects to weed out anyone that they feel is in it purely for financial gain. The subjects they've talked to use the funds they raise with the car, whether it be through personal appearances or photographs at conventions, to raise money for various charities.

"We've had to pick and choose who were in it for the right reasons," krubich explained. "They all do this because of the love and commitment they have for the trilogy."

It's that commitment and love that they're hoping to showcase, and they're hoping it'll also translate to the project happening. Only two weeks remain for them to reach their intended goal of $33,000. They're hoping a late push will make this documentary happen, particularly since they've already gotten the go-ahead to screen the film at the official thirtieth anniversary celebration in 2015. More importantly, though, because the film and its iconic car are so engrained in American culture.

"It wasn't a political movie, it didn't change society," krubich said. "But it built a community."

The Kickstarter for "Back in Time," along with the featurette, can be seen at