Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Idea-Crusader vs. Khmer

August 15, 2010

I'd like to start off by asking you, the readers, what a good match for the criminal warrior, the highwayman, might be. Think terms of pirate, and relatively modern (gunpowder). Also, name warriors who fought primarily on sea to take on the Wokou. Forgive me if the Khmer seem underresarched but there is little information about them, and knights are my area of expertise.

Well, starting off is the Crusader, the knights who fought to regain land that was theirs, and slaughtered anyone who wouldn't convert to Christianity. Now mind you, knights during this age looked very different than their future counterparts. This is what a knight back then looked like.

The crest on the shield gives the impression that they are undoubtedly English knights. For long range, the Crusaders used a long range weapon to lay siege on castles. This very well known weapon was the catapult.

The catapult revolutionized warfare, being able to throw boulders, start fires and spread disease when used against an attacker. Though this weapon does lose some effectiveness when trying to take down one man, the Crusaders could wreak havok by flinging diseased animals and burning cloths.

On the other side of Eurasia, enter the Khmers. These Cambodian warriors would oft ride elephants into battle! The also practiced the now ancient martial art of Kun Khmer.

For their long range range, the Khmer warriors would use a bow and arrow that I believe was called the tnoo.

That's what they looked like. In addition to these, the Khmer had a double crossbow which they mounted on their elephants during battle. Keep in mind that crossbows were designed with the intention to pierce armour.

Next, the knights show off a weapon the have called the Morning Star. This is the  mace that they had. However, in Pirate vs. Knight, the flail version of the weapon was tested.

The above picture shows many types of morning stars, but the one we're talking about resembles the one in the middle. This was a weapon that was used genrally to inflict pain and pierce through the toughest armour.


The Khmer strike back with the phkap.

The blade on top of the wood is like a predecessor of modern day axes and hatchets. It was very awkardly shaped, so God knows how the thing was swung.

The knights now bring a weapon called the maul. This hammer was meant to inflict maximum pain.

The knights wielded it with two hands, and used it to crack bones.

In retaliation, the Khmer bring out one of their swords which was known as the dhao or dao.


The weapon was very common among Eastern Asia, and was also used by the Chinese.

Finally, the Crusaders bring out their largest, heaviest two-handed axe that they used.

The axe here was double bladed as well, only adding on to the pain.

The final weapon that the Khmer attack with is their spear, which was reffered to as, the lompang.

Lompangs came in different lengths and were great mid range weapons. They could stab foes with it while riding on an elephant. The knights were also mounted, but only on a horse, so the Crusader would have some difficulty reaching the Khmer warrior.

Finally, armour. The knights were very well armoured, and had mail, greaves, a shield, etc. The list goes on. The Crusader dressed himself in everything he could to protect himself, yet was significantly lighter than his later version. His slowness was compensated by the horse, who helped give a speed boost.

And as for the Khmer's armour? Well, this is embarassing... It seems that I can't find enough information about it. However, I assume that it is basic mail that will be tested, if the Khmer has any armour in the first place. If he doesn't, that will make him more agile when he takes on the Crusader.

Overall though, the edges go to the Crusader.