Larry Johnson Proves Only Athletes in their Prime Get Away With Horrible Bigotry

November 9, 2009

Larry Johnson did what any rational hatemonger would do when he threw out a slew of offensive homophobic slurs to a group of reporters who had the balls to ask him football-related questions. So why is it that the Kansas City Chiefs have asked Johnson and his 2.7 yards-per-carry to leave the team?

Oh yeah, because the NFL is all about morals these days and the last they want to do is have a guy with zero touchdowns embarrassing the league with his charming post-game hate speech. (There are enough murders, rape charges, and slanderous statements from the talented players, thank you very much!)

Larry Johnson, who also used Twitter to help him become a more “modern day bigot,” certainly deserves to get in serious trouble over what happened, but is the lesson being learned that “actions have consequences" or that "what you can get away with depends on how well you’re playing”?

I’d ask Oregon running back LaGarrette Blount (suspended for punching a less talented player in the face) his opinion, but he’s a little busy being reinstated after his school lost to Stanford last week.

Source: G. Newman Lowranc/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images