Medellin Cartel vs Yakuza

August 10, 2010

YAKUZA --- Katana, Walther P-38, Sten, Ceramic Grenades.

CARTEL --- Machete, Mini Uzi, M-60, Car Bomb.

EDGE --- Katana for fast speed, pros are using them, and larger slicing lethality. Mini Uzi for machine gun lethality. Sten for less jams and easy to handle. Car Bomb for much larger explosion.

A 1947 Toyota comes up to a Colombian building. Five emerge from the car, and one throws a ceramic grenade in the building. They hear a few scream and one fall down, dead. When a Yakuza runs in with his sai and katana, he is riddled with bullets. YAKUZA = 4. CARTEL = 4.

Hearing the shooting, three of the remaining four Yakuza's split up. One stays behind a wall to sneak up on his enemies and kill. He sees three of the Cartel come out. One of them come in his direction, which he silently kills with a sai to the throat. The other two cartel that are now outside went in different directions. One went the other way that his two other comrads went. The other was operating on the car, fiddling with wires to a bomb. The Yakuza stood over him, about to kill him but the bomber turned around with a machete and sliced his neck off. Y = 3. C = 3.

Watching from afar, a Yakuza sword fights the bomber, but the last Cartel that stood inside shot him down. The shooting Cartel stood for backup for the bombing one so the car bomb won't be a waste. Meanwhile, two Yakuza's are fighting one Cartel. One of them put the katana deep into his body and the other shoots him. Y = 2. C = 2.

Now a Yakuza member runs toward the shooting Cartel but both miss their shots, and both run out of ammo. It came down to a hand-to-hand fight where the bombing Cartel knows his comrad is in danger. He has no choice but to get distance and bomb both of them. They both die, but the other Yakuza also was running to help his comrad but fell down. Seeing his opportunity, the Cartel runs with his machete and fights the down soldier. The Yakuza was able to get up, revealing his sais. The machete was caught by the sais and broke the end of it and made him lose his sword by dropping it. Now the Cartel reveals a small amount of a car bomb. He throws it at the Yakuza soldier, confusing him. Then, BOOM! Y = 0. C = 1.


Machete --- 87.

Mini Uzi --- 153.

M-60 --- 168.

Car Bomb --- 54.

YAKUZA --- 474.

Katana --- 100.

Walther --- 143.

Sten --- 125.

Ceramics --- 104.