Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Idea-Ashigaru vs. Conquistador

July 31, 2010

The Ashigaru were awesome Japanese foot soldiers. The Ashigaru were like Samurai prototypes/early versions of samurai. But they had guns, making this a squad on squad match. Their long range weapons was a Japanese longbow called the Yumi. (Which we have seen previously on the show. It did quite some damage.)


They were also armed with the yari. It was a spear, or better yet a pike that could be from 4 to 20 feet long. I think I'd settle for twelve feet.

Of course, there are the guns. They were armed with the arquebus, a very light and easy to carry, (that's important on the battlefield) matchlock. The guns, in several battles, were more effective than the bows.


They were also armed with either naginatas or katanas. (Take your pick, Deadliest Warrior)

It is important to know that these Japanese foot soldiers excelled in hand to hand combat. In fact, the Ashigaru paved the road to sucess in battles because of this. The Ashigaru were also armored, and well so.

These are an iron breastplate and helmet, yet the soldiers were still quick on their feet (hence the name?). Though a huge amount of their body was covered, they could still go nimbly. Now things don't seem to be going too well for the conquistadors. Oh really? Let's see how they can counter this.

As luck would have it, the gun of the Conquistadors is also the arquebus, making this match all the more interesting. The most effective weapon weilded by the Conquistadors was their sword.

The swords were relatively short however (3 feet). The conquistadors also had a crossbow, which will be more powerful than a regular bow.

The Conquistadors were also equipped with twelve foot long pikes to keep their enemy far away.

See full size image







The Conquistador were heavily armored; like, knight's armor. This is what gave them the winning side when invading the Americas.

My Thoughts

This matchup is similar, yet slightly different. When you research both warriors, you think the one you are currently reading about is going to win. At first I had no idea what the outcome would be. However, the Conquistador might take this. With the pike, there's not much chance of getting in close for the ashigaru's close quarters. Plus, the Conquistador is more heavily armored, and doesn't need the mobility. I think it will boil down to whose sword does the most damage/is more effective. 'Nuff said.

Ashigaru vs. Conquistador

This brawl takes place in a swamp. It begins with the Ashigaru wading in water that is waist-deep and murky. Trees covered with strange plants can be found in the scene. The Conquistadors, brandishing their swords, are eagerly exploring the place, not looking for any trouble. Then, the Japanese spot the incoming Portuguese warriors. They quietly bring their matchlock pistols up to a single enemy, and shoot him in one go. The Europeans scramble. They shoot their matchlock guns into the direction of the enemy, but have no success. They are then tantalised with and confused by arrows flying overhead. A foot soldier managed to clamber his way into a hollow tree stump and shoot off arrows from his yumi there. Then, determined to get his target, he shoots a conqueror right in the eye, a stick now embedded in his brain.

 The enemy shoots of their harquebus again, hoping for better luck this time, as the sides are now closer to each other. Two Japanese fall into the disgusting brown water. One Conquistador eagerly runs, unarmoured, straight into the opposing warriors, wielding only his sword. Arrows don’t seem to faze him, and as a yari is lifted up in an effort to stop him, he simply slashes through it with his sword. He then runs up to an Ashigaru and cuts his head off. He is then shot to death by an Ashigaru's gun. That same Ashigaru then picks up a long yari and proceeds to have a little mid range fight with a pikeman. Eventually, he drives his yari through the opponent a few times, as well as getting stabbed a few times himself. Seeing that this fight is going nowhere, he raises his blade, but right as he does so, a crossbow bolt pierces his midsection. It digs in about an inch into him. He gives a powerful stab with his yari, but the pike seems to favour him as it digs into his chest.

 The remaining Japanese soldier hides in the stump, hoping that his cover won’t be blown. The two Conquistadors search for him, wondering where he is. They pass the stump and now their backs are facing him. Then, bringing out his katana, he hacks one of them to ribbons the best he can. However, the man’s armour holds up to the attack fairly well. Then, he engages in a lengthy swordfight with his enemy. The other Conquistador, trying to help, shoots a round into the Ashigaru’s armour. However, it is deflected, and the katana finally slashes into the other man so much due to its speed that he is down. One enemy left. The Conquistador aims his harquebus at the Japanese warrior’s face. This shot would blow his head off. As he waited for the shot to come off, the katana sliced through the barrel of the harquebus. The gun still shot, but it was incredibly inaccurate and missed by many feet. Then, the Ashigaru grabbed the enemy warrior by the scruff of the neck and drowned him in the dirty warrior. He let the fool sink to the bottom as he pounded his own chest, emitting a war cry.













Conquistador’s Sword-62










Total Kills-511


Total Kills-489



Analysis: Both sides were armoured. Both had very similar weapons. Both had swords that could likely damage the other’s armour. However, the Ashigaru’s blade was faster, and that led to their victory on the battlefield. That and they were trained especially with the harquebus. Their bow skills had been seriously hindered by the Conquistador’s armour, but their precision shooting (with bows and guns), got them more kills. Plus, the Conquistador may not have had enough time to exercise his skill on the high seas. That and the Ashigaru were masters at fighting weaponless. This led to their triumph on the battlefield.