Women Choose $50 Over Sex

August 17, 2009

The deflated economy is seeing a rise in frisky behavior in the bedroom. But if women had to choose between $50 and sex, they say the choice is a no-brainer.

A newly published poll shows that when it comes to choosing between sex and money, the majority of women would take the money and run. The poll found that “most women were happy to have more spending money than spending more time in bed.”

The poll shows that during the current economic downturn women are more worried about their bank accounts than their bedroom antics. Tracy Miller of New York City says, "Two years ago, I would have responded differently, but in these times, money is definitely a priority over sex." A woman named Fay Stuart also told the New York Daily News, “In this recession, I'd rather have more money and security than sex.”

Jeez, the economy must be bad if women would give up the good stuff for a measly 50 bucks.

Would you choose the money or the sex?

Source: Allison Michael Orenstein/Photonica/Getty Images