Unbelievable Buzzer-Beater by Nerdy White Kid Wins Key Game

January 4, 2010

Just days after Tim Tebow and his rag tag bunch of occasional drunk driving teammates finished showing the Big East why mid-major conferences can't quite compete with the big boys, the Florida Gators basketball team stole the spotlight from their football bretheren with a shot heard round the world (thanks to ESPN, who showed it 37 times while I was eating breakfast this morning).

With just two seconds remaining in their inter-conference showdown with the NC State Wolfpack (not to be confused with NWO's Wolfpack), Gators forward Chandler Parsons launched up a prayer that would change the landscape of college basketball for hours to come...


Prior to hitting the shot, Parsons had not scored a single point in the first 54:58 of the game, proving that as long as you finish strong and have incredible luck, you can pretty much just screw around 90 percent of the time. (A valuable lesson to learn while in college.)

Source: FSN Carolinas