Late Night Strip Poll Saturday Hangover

May 10, 2008

While the survivors ofOceanic flight 815 refuse to ask anyone they come in contact with anymeaningful or pertinent questions, the Late Night Strip Poll is chock full of‘em! This week we played the Name Game and asked questions like, “who’s thefunnier Dave, Letterman or Chappelle?”

Well, bothDaves are certainly rich, BIATCH, but 67% of Spike guys think Chappelle isbetter than just OKKKKKAAAAAAAY! That ain’t no stupid human trick, that’scalled the voice of the people!


Another gemthis week included matching Dr. Phil up against Dr. Dre to see who you thinkhas the better medicine. First of all, we understand Dr. Phil supposedly has aPh. D in clinical psychology but we’re not so sure how dishing out backwoods,cornbread colloquialisms like, “A dog on the porch means he’s notpoopin’ in the neighbor’s yard” qualifiesas therapy…. But we have little saying we live by here at the Poll that mayhelp you guys out: “don’t take advice from a dude with a porno ‘stache.”  Honestly, the guy makes Dan Rather makesense! So it was no surprise that 63% of you guys chose to take whatever Dr. Dreprescribes over Dr. McGraw’s dog poop. Plus not only is Dr. Dre one of thegreatest rappers in the game, he’s also a bad motherf’n Podiatrist. Ok, that’sa joke, but it sounded awesome! 


Plus wegave you the choice between Seinfeld and Springer to see Which Jerry you’drather have over for dinner. Both ruled TV in the 90’s, both are just asneurotic as they are iconic, and both ended hundreds of relationships in frontof live studio audiences. The only difference is one sent chicks packing overmindless minutia like close talking, low talking, dirty talking, or eating yourpeas one at a time… and the other’s breakup methods included surprising youwith the lesbian, Nazi, hooker your girlfriend was sleeping with behind yourback and instigating a cat fight. Looks like you like to laugh more than liketo cringe ‘cause 66% of you chose to invite Seinfeld as the more enjoyabledinner guest. Here’s hoping he brings a chocolate babka!

That’s justscratching the surface, there are so many more questions coming your way andlook out for a new poll every week. Just head over to the Late Night Strip Poll and start voting.