Roker's Zombie Apocalypse

February 12, 2011

First Name: Austin



Weight: 125 lbs (of pure muscle, backed up by 6.8% body fat content.)

Do you want to start in a big city, medium sized town, or small town: Small Town

Stage of Virus (Beginning of Virus, Lots'o zombies, Total Fucking Apocalypse): The Beginning, as long as it gradually escalates.

Also, you have 10 skill points to spend, 0 means beginner, 10 means Master- Only 10? Wtf I'm great at multiple things here! What it would be if you could have as many skill points as you want is in parenthesis:


Melee Weaponry:1(5) <- I could believe that, I might make it higher later down the road.

Guns:1(5) <- I don't know if you've hunted or done competitive shooting, so I won't say yes

Athletics(running): 2(7) <- Perhaps.

Driving: 4(8) <- 8 out of ten would be Accomplished, are you a street racer/very capable of great steering at high speeds?

Speaking:0(2) Speaking would be Charisma, I don't know you personally.

Spotting:0(2) <- Again, don't know

Inconventional weaponry:2(6) <- Could believe.


Remember, this is the BEGINNING, you will progress gradually.


After moving out of your parent's house, Austin, you are living in a small town in Washington (state, not D.C.) It's up north on the edge of the Puget Sound, there are about 1,000 other people in your area. You are watching T.V. while tinkering on your P.C. You have a Ford Truck in your driveway, and you are okay with it. You were also a cross-country runner for a little bit. Next to you, you have a homemade halberd by mounting an axe head on a longer staff.


The news comes on, announcing a new virus in California, and Tacoma, and other areas across the nation. It causes the person to slowly go in to a coma, and die, then wake up again and "eat" other people. The News Networks have come to the conclusion that it is passed through biting, it is suggested you stay indoors. At the moment you have a fridge-full of food, and 20 cans of non-perishibles. The power is on.