Crusader vs Assassin

January 5, 2011

Beginning Analysis: What happens when a soldier of god takes on the silent killer of the middle east? Read on to see!?


(Number 3 in the 3 weapons, 1 armor fights)


(Due to comments posted, weapons, edges, the fight, who won, weapon kills, and the strongest & weakest weapons have been changed.)



Short Range: Crusader Sword

Long Range: Arbalest Crossbow

Special: Warhammer

Armor: Chainmail & Shield



Short Range: Scimitar

Long Range: Recurve Bow

Special: Poisoned Knife

Armor: Leather Armor


Who Got the Edge

Crusader Sword vs Scimitar: The Crusader Sword gets the edge. See comments for details.


Arbalest Crossbow vs Recurve Bow: The Recurve Bow gets the edge. See comments for details.


Warhammer vs Poisoned Knife: The Warhammer gets the edge. See comments for details.


Chainmail & Shield vs Leather Armor: The Chainmail & Shield get the edge. Despite being a bit heavier, the Chainmail was able to block a variety of slashing attacks, while the Shield could block ranged attacks with ease. Leather Armor may be lighter, but it offers no where near as much protection as a crusader's armor.



Sir Martin had just arrived in Jerusalem from a long day of fighting in the desert. He had slain many heretics & followers of false faiths, and was looking for an inn for some well deserved food & rest. Hopefully, he could convert some people along the way during his search.


Little did Sir Martin know, an assassin had been following him since his arrival to the city. Given order from the local chapter's leader to kill the crusader, the assassin hoped from rooftop to rooftop, never losing sight of his target.


His target stopped at a small street corner. Sir Martin, unsuspecting of who was following him, reached for the waterskin attached to his belt. As he was unstopping it, the assassin reached for his Recurve Bow. He grasped it in his right hand, and used his left hand to take an arrow from his quiver. Coated with scorpion venom, it was sure to kill the crusader. He knocked the arrow, aimed, and fired. As the arrow flew through the air towards him, Sir Martin noticed a small coin on the ground. Kneeling over to pick it up, the arrow landed into a barrel that was right beside him.


Cursing himself for missing, the assassin watched as Sir Martin walked away, who was apparently happy that he found the lost change. Determined not to disappoint the local chapter leader, the assassin continued to follow the crusader.


5 minutes later, Sir Martin walked right in front of an alleyway, when he thought he heard the sound of someone screaming. Hoping to do some good, Sir Martin took the Shield off of his back, and the Crusader Sword from his belt, then charged into the alleyway.


A moment later, he arrived in a small clearing behind a couple buildings. He kept his ears open for signs of the person screaming. At first, nothing. A second later, he heard the scream again, and it was close. He went to where he heard it, but still no sign of the individual in question. Slightly frustrated, he put the Warhammer back onto his belt, but still held onto the Shield in case something happened. Retracing his steps, he was about to exit the clearing, when the assassin finally jumped him.


Sir Martin jumped back to avoid getting knocked over. He got back up, and was face to face with his attacker. Scrambling to get the Warhammer from his belt, the assassin out the Poisoned Knife from his belt, and threw it, hoping to get a quick kill. Unfortunately for him, Sir Martin was quick enough to raise his Shield, and block the incoming knife. The knife got stuck on the Shield, and all it took was a swing from his Crusader Sword to knock it off.


Surprised by his target's ability to not get killed, the assassin drew his Scimitar. He was now ready for a fight.


Sir Martin, laughing at his opponent, charged at him with full force. He got up close, and began swing away. The assassin rolled towards the crusader, and begad to swing his Scimitar in a manner that would hopefully confuse his target. It actually worked a little, as Sir Martin held up his Shield blocking the assassin's attacks. Determined to not be defeated by such a cowardly foe, Sir Martin tried to push his attacker back with his Shield.


Struggling to not be shoved back, the assassin took a swing at the crusader's shield arm with his scimitar. He managed a hit, as blood began to pour down the crusader's arm. The attack, however, wasn't enough to cause his opponent to drop his shield. It may in fact have caused the crusader to grip it tighter.


Feeling the holy light bathe his soul, Sir Martin began swinging his Crusader Sword in a manner that would trip up his opponent. Sure enough, one of his swings caused the assassin to trip on his own two feet. The assassin fell on his back, and was briefly stunned. Sir Martin, sensing an opportunity, went in, and attempted to plung his sword straight into the heathen's heart.


As the sword came down, the assassin rolled out of the way, and the blade went into the earth. The assassin tried to regain his composure, when he noticed that his right shoulder was bleeding. He looked around, then noticed a small, sharp rock on the ground. The pain from his shoulder was enough that he had to hold it. He could still swing his Scimitar, but the wound would make him concentrate on himself rather than the crusader.


Seeing his opponent in a weakened state drove Sir Martin to a greater zeal. He charged right, and once again went swinging away. His steel met with that of the assassin's, and the two began trading blows. Despite the noise that they were making, no one didn't come to investigate the disturbance.


Both warrior were skilled, neither of them moving an inch, neither showing any signs of weakness. As fight went on, Sir Martin noticed the wound that his attacker. Sensing another opportunity, the crusader brought his sword up, then swung down on the assassin's arm. The limb fell off on one quick swoop, still clutching the Scimitar. The Assassin fell to his knees, howling and crying at the same time.


Sir Martin shook the blood off his sword, and placed it back into it's sheath. He then gently put his shield onto the ground, and took the Warhammer from his belt. He gripped it with both his hands, then raised it high above his head. May God have mercy on you, he said softly. The Warhammer came down, smashing the assassin's head into pieces.


Crusader: 692

Crusader Sword: 300

Warhammer: 200

Arbalest Crossbow: 192


Assassin: 308

Scimitar: 105

Poisoned Knife: 101

Recurve Bow: 102


Final Examination: The Crusader's strength & zeal, coupled with his heavy weaponry, was able to overcome the nimble Assassin.


Strongest Weapon: The Crusader Sword & Warhammer were the strongest weapons of this fight, bringing in 300 and 200 kills, respectfully.


Weakest Weapon: Given it's short length, and 101 kills, the Poisoned Knife is the weakest weapon today.


Next Week: Mossad vs Al-Qaeda & Roman Gladiator vs Celt