Robert De Niro Wants to Be a Rapper?!

November 18, 2009

Acting legend Robert De Niro is apparently thinking about a new career as a rapper after befriending a very famous MC during a recent film shoot. You talkin’ to me, son?!

De Niro said in a recent interview that he’s very interested in throwin’ down some sick flows with 50 Cent after getting to know the rapper while shooting the dreadful film Righteous Kill last year. De Niro stated: “We had some good conversations. As for any future collaborations or rapping, you never know…”

Ahh snap! If Bobby started rapping I could seriously see him takin’ down all this biggest MCs in the game with his mafia movie clout alone. I can think of hundreds of MCs that have rapped about being as bad as De Niro in movies like Goodfellas. This guy is Robert De Niro! Even if he can’t write a verse to save his life, all he has to do is talk in his Jimmy Conway voice and the rest should be all gravy.

Source: Fotos International/Getty Images