brawlers vs pressure fighters

December 9, 2009

I've always had a fascination with pressure Fighters who WEREN'T brawlers, but much better methodical tacticians. The difference between the two is a brawler will wing bombs, mostly hooks and uppercuts. Very few of them possess jabs, and very few of them have sound defense. Pressure Fighters usually have something of a jab, something of defense, and are traditionally known for either iron skulls or excellent recovery from being hurt. So here goes. First two guys who are about to fight each other:

Antonio "Tony" Margarito - Tony's a machine. Hard to hurt, real stopping power in his hands, and never stops punching usually:

YouTube - antonio margarito Highlights

Here's the full fight with Golden Johnson, it's not long.

YouTube - Antonio Margarito vs Golden Johnson

And his opponent: Miguel Angel Cotto.

YouTube - Miguel Cotto: Greatest Hits

Trailer for their Fight:

YouTube - Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito Promo Fan Trailer

A guy most of you have never seen, "Escopeta" Carlos Monzon:

YouTube - Carlos Monzon breaks Nino Benvenuti

YouTube - Carlos Monzon vs Tony LiCata

No thread about pressure Fighters is complete without "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler (and I have to admit this HL is better than mine:


The late Diego "Chico" Corrales:

YouTube - Tribute to Diego Corrales

Chico explains some things:

YouTube - Diego Corrales fight tips

Diego Corrales' counterpart in History, Jose Luis "El Temible" Castillo (and yes that's Floyd Mayweather Jr. he's roughing up.

YouTube - jose luis castillo vs floyd mayweather parte 4

The Legendary Julio Cesar Chavez best lcd tvs:

YouTube - Julio Cesar Chavez' Top 15 Greatest Wins Part I

YouTube - Julio Cesar Chavez' Top 15 Greatest Wins Part 2

The Legendary Roberto Duran:

YouTube - Roberto Duran - Through The Ages

Former LHW Champion Glen Johnson, I've met Glen and watched him train. At nearly 40 he moved as fast as and for longer than any of the other guys in the Gym. He's one of those guys who just standing next to him you think: This guy can kick my ass. Just ask Roy: