Cristiano Ronaldo Loves Blow and Hookers

September 29, 2008

There’s nobody on Earth that gets more play than a European footballer.  It’d be like if there was somebody here who was a phenomenally talented rock star who also played short stop for the Yankees and, in his free time, was an Astronaut with a 13-inch "space shuttle."  That’s what it’s like for them.  So, we ask you, Ronaldo: Why pay anything for sex, ever? Video after the jump.

In the video, an undercover reporter gets Ronaldo's alleged ex girlfriend to offer a strip, a three way, and a tone of coke depending on how much he wants to spend.  One can only assume that Ronaldo also spends almost 600 British pounds on girls and drugs (as the reporter did).  Ronaldo!  I want to headbutt him in the chest.  Here’s why:  

1. This is his old girlfriend, Spanish model Nereida Gallardo. 


2. This is what it’s like in Europe for him


3. After all that, he chose to spend money to have sex with a hooker.